Building the Bastion

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Very interesting bit of info from the official announcement press release for Bastion:  

Bastion will also be featured in a new video series chronicling the making of the game, exclusively at, the world’s largest editable video game database. In the ongoing series titled “Building the Bastion“, viewers will receive unprecedented insight into the trials and tribulations of independent game development through the story of Supergiant Games. “People all over the world invest countless hours into playing video games, but so few of us ever get to truly find out how they’re made,” said Giant Bomb Editor-in-Chief Jeff Gerstmann. “With Building the Bastion, we’re going let our community ride shotgun with a mix of behind-the-scenes footage and regular live broadcasts that let you interact directly with the developers as they take Bastion from early prototypes to a full and final product.” 

This sounds very cool, not only in general concept, but because the game itself seems to have plenty of unique characteristics, both from an art design and game design perspective. Bring it on! 
The part about 'regular live broadcasts' is especially intriguing - the kind of thing that is probably only possible for an indy developer that doesn't have 'the man' constantly looking over their shoulder. 

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Yeah, and I think the series will be really insightful for those who are interested in independent game development, specifically.

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It's a really neat idea. GameSpot did something similar a long time ago, but I don't think the game ever came out and the show just kinda ended if I remember.

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Hey  I  was  just  watching  SentUAMessage  on  the  Xbox  and  when  Bastion  came  up  they  totally  said  to  check  out  the  excellent  Building  the  Bastion  series  on!  I  was  like  omg!

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@I_smell said:
" I juhI jWaHey  I  was  just  watching  SentUAMessage  on  the  Xbox  and  when  Bastion  came  up  they  totally  said  to  check  out  the  excellent  Building  the  Bastion  series  on!,  I  was  like  org!  Soray  if  this  post  looks  all  ruined,  Im  on  a  bad  phone  . "
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@I_smell said:
" I juhI jWaHey  I  was  just  watching  SentUAMessage  on  the  Xbox  and  when  Bastion  came  up  they  totally  said  to  check  out  the  excellent  Building  the  Bastion  series  on!,  I  was  like  org!  Soray  if  this  post  looks  all  ruined,  Im  on  a  bad  phone  .  Ill  fix  it  tomorrow.c "
I like how SentUAMessage remains intact while the rest of your post is a mangled mess.
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Really enjoyed this series - missing part 1 though, anyone know were I can get it?

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@wilsouk said:

Really enjoyed this series - missing part 1 though, anyone know were I can get it?

It was no separate video, it's in here:
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Ah, good work, thanks

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