I repent....

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So back around the game of the year deliberations i was really, really annoyed with the Giant Bomb guys because I felt like the site was becoming a Bastion advertisement. I was also annoyed because the guys are friends with SuperGiant and it seemed biased when they gushed over how good Bastion supposedly is.

Well, i played Bastion for the first time this past week. I got chills like the first time i played Metal Gear Solid as a 12 year old. Trust me when i say if you haven't played Bastion go do it, because it really is that good. The gameplay is deep, but what really got me is the sound design. The music and narration flow together so well i don't really see how anything in 2011 could be considered better (sorry, Portal 2). If you've been on the fence about Bastion, go play the demo on steam and see if that convinces you.

I went from skeptic to believer in a matter on 30 minutes.

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That is awesome, duder.

I wish I could of had the same feeling. I was too shitty to play the game properly.

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That's cool, I thought it was a pretty mediocre game and regretted buying it within about twenty minutes. The idea of no other game from 2011 being better than it is quite shocking, to say the least. Glad you enjoyed it though.

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I was cynical after playing the demo - I thought it would be quite an average, budget game apart from the awesome voice-over.

Then I won a copy in the Giant Bomb Giveaway thread, and played 80% of it in one night. It's pretty awesome.

Still need to go back and finish it.

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I'm with ya. After seeing all the behind the scenes i thought it would be ok....then I played it, and that first moment you move the kid out of bed will stick with me forever.

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I played the demo and smashed some crates with a hammer. It was pretty mindless, but I guess I must be missing something.

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Yup, I can't believe it was an easy task to cover Bastion when you're so close to the production team. You don't want to shove it away, cause it's an awesome game, but you can't say too much at the risk of sounding like viral marketing.

I think they handled it pretty well. Glad you came around. At any case, Bastion deserved all the praise. It was easily one of my favourite games of 2011.

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I don't mean that Bastion is what i consider the overall best game of 2011, but definitely overall best sound design.

Skyrim, The Witcher 2 and Dark Souls are better overall games IMO

#9 Posted by SongWriter1987 (153 posts) -


I totally agree, when you get up is super memorable. The part that really stuck with me is the very first time you get to the bastion and meet the narrator. Like i said, i got chills, literally :)

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Bastion continues to be the kind of game that either clicks with you immediately or a game that you'll never be into.

That's not a judgement on anyone one way or the other, just an observation on how divisive of a game Bastion can be.

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