[Spoilers] So I beat Bastion.....but I don't think I'm finished

#1 Posted by BionicRadd (616 posts) -

I sat down and played through the end of Bastion, this weekend, and just had to say something. The first half of the game, up to Zulf's betrayal, was pretty entertaining, overall. I just loved watching the world build itself under my feet as I went along. Then I get to the turning point and thought things got pretty interesting at that point, story wise. I had envisioned a final battle against Zulf with me returning victoriously back to the Bastion, having saved the world. The choice between saving Zulf and not saving him was easy for me, but the way that scenario played out was just breathtaking. The song's tone as you slowly walked through the area, taking damage from all sides but refusing to quit, was sobering to say the least. I felt my gut tighten into knots as I neared the end of the game and realized the decision I was going to be facing. Never in my time have I played a game with this kind of pacing to it's storytelling that didn't involve cut scenes. By the end, I made my choice to reverse the Calamity and then sat back, almost in tears over it all.

I truly can not wait to see how Supergiant follows this game up, because Bastion left me utterly dumbstruck.

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You're not done by a longshot! Start a new game+ and you will see!

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The ending of that game was one of the most powerful things I have seen in videogames to this date. Im gunna go in for NG+ latter on in the year.

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Once they started dropping hints that reversing the calamity would just reset events to before the calamity happened with nothing changing it seemed pretty clear to me that, that was not the thing to do. After all, how would I even know that it hadn't already happened several times and I was stuck in this endless cycle? It seemed like the only way out was to break the cycle. Perhaps because of this, because I didn't ever end up regretting or having to rethink any of the decisions I made, the game felt merely "good" to me.

The girl's line, whatever her name was, at the end of the game convinced me that I had the right idea. It went something like "All the moments I wanted to relive happened after the calamity".

So I never delved much into New Game+, just enought to see what it was. Might replay it sometime. Just 'cause. Not sure.

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@CptChiken said:

The ending of that game was one of the most powerful things I have seen in videogames to this date.

This an accurate assessment of Bastion. Everything after you drop that stupid battering ram hits all the right notes in a sort've unexpected way.

For all you duders who have yet to take the plunge into NG+, DO EET! My second playthrough felt a bit different because I had a different perspective on the events of the game as they unfolded that added a deeper appreciation of Bastion.

And finally, a question: any of you duders with the Steam version beaten Zulf's Who-Knows-Where yet? Shit is long and frustrating.

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