Steam Key Giveaway!

#1 Posted by l3roken (112 posts) -

I know there are other threads like this but I also have a key to give away! I will wait a few hours before I check this and pick a poster at random to give it to!

#2 Posted by Funkydupe (3305 posts) -

You're such a tease!

#3 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3048 posts) -


#4 Posted by DatCrab (10 posts) -

Sign me up.

#5 Posted by believer258 (11563 posts) -

Yo! I'm open! Throw it to me!

#6 Posted by Jothel (913 posts) -

I would very much like to join in on this

#7 Edited by Pop (2593 posts) -

What does this button do?

edit: 600th post YAY!

#8 Posted by Coafi (1481 posts) -

A key for me?

#9 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1327 posts) -

Count me in!

#10 Posted by Rated_R_Superstar (40 posts) -

Cool, I'm in!

#11 Posted by howdoyoudo (1 posts) -

I'd love to put in my hat!

#12 Posted by JazzyJeff (399 posts) -

Someone can have mine.



#13 Posted by cspanick (50 posts) -


#14 Posted by l3roken (112 posts) -

Sorry it took a while, family things came up! Glad to see JazzyJeff let someone enjoy one too! Mine is going to Pop!

#15 Posted by MC_Hify (319 posts) -

Someone can have this one:



#16 Posted by gstone (1 posts) -

Thanks very much for the code runcrash!

#17 Posted by Stevemax (141 posts) -

I still think this CDKey should work. Purchased HumbleBundle V but already owned it & was unable to give it away to my friends.


If it still works, Merry Xmas etc.

#18 Posted by mlarrabee (2872 posts) -

@Stevemax: Hey, thanks a ton! Merry Christmas!

#19 Posted by Stevemax (141 posts) -

@mlarrabee: No worries mate. Enjoy! :)

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