What is your favorite weapon in the game?

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Simple Question. 
Mine is the Army Carbine. Can be used up close, and from far away. Does a good bit of damage, also.

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dueling pistols
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The better question is what's your favorite faction?
Mine's between Slingers and Gravers.

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I really like the Scrap Musket, I don't know why.
Scrap Salvo is probably a big reason.

#7 Posted by The_Big_Rough (260 posts) -

War Machete was awesome

#8 Posted by Vexxan (4619 posts) -

I'm all in for the War Machete. Love them quick attacks.

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Pike.  Incredible damage at a distance, can be equipped for knockback to keep them at that distance, and when playing with idols on, the negate armor ability to nullify Garmuth is amazing.

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level 5 pike with all the left side upgrades... stupid op.

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Calamity Cannon!

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Dueling Pistols

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The duelling pistols are awesome, lets you stay mobile while bringing the pain to your enemies

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I really enjoyed the war machete.

Using that + something like the Army carbine is a great combo. Something for everything.

#16 Posted by lord_canti (1653 posts) -

im liking the bow didst at first but begin able to do continues damage to some one and pierce through 5 or more enemy's is pretty good

#17 Posted by Nate (798 posts) -

Most of the game I played with musket and hammer. Not the fastest weapon combo, but lots of evading made it work really well.

#18 Posted by halim51 (75 posts) -

I really really like the pike, I like the range you get with it.

#19 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3065 posts) -

Repeater with extra damage and ammo plus homing bolts, slaughters everything ever.

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I enjoy prodding stuff with my pike.

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Scrap Musket + Fire Bellows turns you into a moving apocalypse.

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I gotta throw my support in for the bellows. So many foes run at you in this game then turning yourself into a walking inferno is always good. Pistols or musket can take care of the rest.

#23 Posted by DoctorTran (1583 posts) -

So far I'm really digging the War Machete.

#24 Posted by HistoryInRust (6475 posts) -

Ended really loving the Fire Bellows. By the end I was taking too much heat while using melee weapons, so I ran a combination of the Fire Bellows + another, more powerful long range gun.

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Army Carbine all the way! It's explosive shell at full upgrade level is ridiculously overpowered. I found that to be way more useful than armor piercing rounds.

My second weapon was the Fire Bellows. Anything armored or small swarms of enemies were toast with the bellows.

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I'm most comfortable with the pike and duel pistols.

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@Sir_Ragnarok said:

Ended really loving the Fire Bellows. By the end I was taking too much heat while using melee weapons, so I ran a combination of the Fire Bellows + another, more powerful long range gun.

I, somwhere half-way in the game, realised I could actually try two ranged weapons and ofter some experimenting and tweaking I settled on Bow+Pistols combo. Finished the game with those and then one more time with all Idols on, couldn't bring myself to more experimenting with other weapons (I will do that in a few months when I go for anotger go).
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The weapons I used the most were the Cael Hammer and Scrap Musket. The Musket is my favorite. Fun gun to use. :)

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the bow just feels perfect, messed around with all of the weapons in my first play through, but the bow hits a real sweet spot with me, i tend to combine it with the scrap musket with knockback in case enemies get a bit too close its also good at taking out groups of small enemies, but the bow deals with 90% of the rest

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going 200% crit damage on Machete, + dots, +werewhiskey, and scrap musket. When I'm doing good I'm doing poorly, and when I'm doing bad I'm killing everything.

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I like how close to a bell curve this poll is.

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Fire Bellows, definetly! It was the first weapon I got that ignored armor and together with that one tonic that restored your life as you dealt damage I was practically invinsible.

Everything must burn!!

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Currently rolling with the Pike and Musket. The long reach of the Pike and the knockback from the Musket is great for spacing control.

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Come on, guys. Breaker's Bow. The stacked poison upgrades works wonders against the Micia idol (regenerating health), and the damage over time counts towards leechade.

#35 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6407 posts) -

I was murdering fools with my bow left and right.

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