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The Summer of arcade on Xbox 360 start off with a bang with the game Bastion. I wont Talk about the story of the game at all, I feel that saying anything about it is spoiling the story. I will just say that it is a good story. The game play is easy and fun, you have a melee attack and a shooting attack. Along the way you gain more weapons and you can upgrade these weapons to be more powerful, have more chance of a critical hit or for guns have better aim. With each weapon there is a challenge level with the weapon. The look of the game is amazing, colorful and bright in some places and dark is others. When you walk around the ground raises up and forms around you, looks really cool. What Bastion really great with that I love is the voice work, there is a narrator that has a line for everything you do in the game. Now this is what turn some people off because he will talk about everything and some will not like that. I would play the trial before you go and buy the game. The music in the game fits at all the right places and sounds great. The music may come out soon and if it does I am grabbing that. There are few Xbox live arcade games I have bought and felt satisfied with. I am very happy that I bought this game and the time I have played it. 

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