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After many hours of playtesting, I found this deck list to be the best.  

Deck Name: Shine On 
 Members: All 

Weapons/Armor (5):  
2 Cross Pendant     
Vajra the Indestructable  
Deluge the Seabane  
Leviatinn the Flame King

Attack Cards (20):  

3 Weak Attack A 

3 Weak Attack B

3 Medium Attack A 

3 Medium Attack B

3 Strong Attack A 

3 Strong Attack B

 Pegasus Jump (1+)  

 Rabbit Dash (2+)

Special Cards (11):  

 Scension, Ascension, Triscension, The Godling's Rapture  

 SevenStar Dust, Rising Conger, Open Your Eyes  

 Ghost Arrow, Spiritlight Quiver, Fellstar Gleam, Aphelion Dustwake

Item Cards (4):   

 Imperial Ward  

 Fate's Cordial  


 Book of Mana

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