100+ Things You Have Learned Playing Batman: Arkham Asylum

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 In the grand tradition of such threads as 100 Things You've Learned Playing Fallout 3, I present to you the Batman: AA version! I'll start. Try to keep the numbering in order and the spam to a minimum if you can so I don't have to do too much cleaning later. (Duplicates and nonsense will be removed)
1. Even though Batman is a total badass and an awesome gymnast, he still can't walk off of many small ledges without stopping first. Who's he trying to be, Marcus Fenix?
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2. Old mansions used to have gargoyles inside every large room.
3. Forcefield gates have apparently been invented in modern day Gotham City.
4. Arkham Asylum is well funded, because they can afford to install large LCD monitors in every room.
5. Explosive gel doesn't require a receiver to be remote detonated.
6. Punching someone and covering up their mouth is completely inaudible to other nearby human beings.
7. Driving over someone with a jet powered car is considered a nonlethal tactic.

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8.  Arkham Asylum's security is balls out retarded. Of course the Joker needs more than one guard to be walked to his cell.

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9. Steroids don't just enlarge your muscles, they even cause your bones to grow and jut out of your body.

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10. It is a requirement for all henchmeh to be barechested
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11.  When Batman hallucinates he thinks of sidescrolling games
12.  If you want to be a knife guy in Joker's army be prepared to hide in oversized giftboxes for extended periods of time
13.  The Riddler could've had a successful career as a game show announcer
14.  Commissioner Gordon likes to lift weights in his spare time

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15. Let's face it, when you're hanging upside down from a gargoyle, no henchmen can see you. Really, really? The guy is looking right up at me from a distance, you don't see the black thing dangling from the gargoyle?

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16. Batman has mastered self replicating nano technology. How else does he have infinite batarangs?

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17. Batman can fit almost anything into his utility belt, except a gas mask. Gas masks just aren't worth carrying.

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18. Batman = Bruce Wayne = Billionaire = The chiropteran vehicle is disposable and easily replaceable.    
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19. Bruce Wayne can afford highly advanced body armor and vision modes for his cowl, but not a hands-free comm device.

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20: When someone gets knocked the fuck out they always put their hands near their head.

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21. Evil henchmen do not have any peripheral vision.

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22. Harley Quinn apparently walks on her hands a lot more than you'd think be humanly possible.

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23. Button down shirts and panties are appropriate inmate uniforms.

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24.  Unlike the Warden, the Riddler has access to every part of Arkham.    
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25. The Joker enjoys wearing thongs.

26. Insane Asylums have massive and beautiful Gardens in them.

27. Insane Asylums have massive and beautiful Graveyards in them.

28. It is very easy to escape from your cell in Arkham.

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29. Batman knows spanish.

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30.  When Batman gets new upgraded armor, it comes battle damage ready.    
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31. Somehow finding riddler trophies grant you access to bios of other characters.

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32.  Batman might carry around a Kryptonite ring to knock out Superman, but he still doesn't think it's worth carrying around Fear Toxin antidote.

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33. That batman only decides to get out his handy hacking device even though if he had used it at the very begininng he could of caught the joker as soon as he had escaped

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34. If something has blocked your path, there is always a vent nearby to crawl into. 
35. There are vents inside of statues that are only there to hide trophies, lead to nowhere and aren't connected to the ventilation system.

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36. Someone who planned far enough ahead to build a batcave under a freaking insane asylum forgot to grab his explosive gel from the car... :/
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37. Members of the Arkham staff have no discernable filing systems, instead prefering to just stack huge piles of files on top of each other next to perfectly good filing cabinets, and also leaving potentially revealing and important patient interviews lying around. 
38. Whilst Batman did have the foresight to build a Batcave on Arkham, he couldn't be bothered joining the platforms up
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39. While it's absolutely possible to spam multiple regular batarangs in one throw, it is physically impossible to throw more than one sonic batarang per minute.
40. The Spirit of Arkham has a lot of spare time, and has somehow placed down engraved stones on random locations across Arkham island detailing their patient malpractise, and has somehow made them look old and worn in the process.
41. The Riddler is stupid enough to place down a map showing where he's hidden the solutions to his challenges, and still somehow get frustrated when Batman uses it.

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42. The Batman cannot cross a ditch in order to climb through a window.
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43. The Joker will only ever speak to you through a TV screen. Even if it means placing a TV set infront of his own head while leaving his body fully in sight and at the same time standing in the same cell for the duration of the game with only a pane of glass between himself and batman.

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44. Thugs wielding 3 foot iron pipes are not armed.

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45. The Riddler found holes in Arkham's pavement, put a trophy down there, and then resurfaced it poorly. 
46. Arkham uses modern day psychiatric treatments such as electrified floors, and iron cages suspended by rusty chains over a large chasm.

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47. It is always night on Arkham island. Always.

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@Oni said:
" 47. It is always night on Arkham island. Always. "
Well that's probably because the game takes place in 1 day and is at night time.
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48. Killer Croc doesnt enjoy being tickled.

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49. The words Titan + Venom  =/= good thing.

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50. The economic downturn has not effected Wayne Enterprises.

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51. Batman does not kill even when exploding a wall beside a guy sending razor sharp stone shards into their head or pulling them over a railing droping them 25 feet onto their head

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@DrRockzo said:

47. Batman does not kill even when exploding a wall beside a guy sending razor sharp stone shards into their head or pulling them over a railing droping them 25 feet onto their head

yours is suposta be number 51 :P
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52. Minor goons are transformed into giant monstrosities when on Titan, but hot psycho chicks are just made more psychotic.
53. Harley Quinn can ride an elevator counter weight upwards while twisted shrapnel and large metal beams rain down and not be injured in the least.
54. Being on the party list doesn't mean you're actually wanted for the party. You have to have a smiley face by your name first.

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 55. Either the villains in Arkham really like putting their stuff everywhere all the time, or the janitorial staff does a horrible job.

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56. The moon is dangerously close to Gotham City.

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@Delta_Ass said:
" 19. Bruce Wayne can afford highly advanced body armor and vision modes for his cowl, but not a hands-free comm device. "
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57. The architect of arkham desided that it would be a smart idea to put bottomless pits in the gardens.    
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For those complaining about the Batcave under the Asylum, it's worth noting that they didn't make that up just for the game, it was mentioned in the comics before as something he built just incase.

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58. Mark Hamill must really hate people thinking Heath Ledger is the Quintessential Joker. 
59. Batman may be rich, but he's not above going all 'Crocodile Dundee' on your ass if the situation requires it. 
60. Arkham's lead architect had a thing for the old Disney cartoon 'Gargoyles'. 

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61. The architecture is too weak to use the batclaw in some areas. Unless you're falling to your death, in which case it will save you every time.

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62. Eidos is still a relevant company. 
63. Joker should put more bullets in his gun. 
64. Failing 63., the joker should put a "Bang" flag in his gun.

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65. Batman has much more armour available for his suit, but wants to test just how hard he is before he installs it.

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66. Every woman in Arkham is a slut.

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67. The riddler knows how to make invisible ink

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68. Anyone with a mental health issue is dangerous and should be punched in the face

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