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For anyone who has not beaten the game turn back now. 
   I have beaten the game twice and at the end of my first play through i saw Killer Croc rise up and grab the box of titan. 
But on my second run through on hard the same secnenario happend except Bane grabbed the box. Also I have had a friend tell me that when he reached end Scarecow grab the box.  My question is where does this leave a sequel, My belief is they did this way so when it came to writing the second game they had a little wiggle room to work with. But I find it such an odd way to do it. Feels kind of Bioshocky to me, What do you guys think?
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Discussion already started here

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@CL60 said:
" Discussion already started here "
What he said.  Lets continue this discussion there.
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Sorry didn't see scanning through the forums.
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@CL60 said:
" Discussion already started here "

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