Any multi-console gamers stumped with which version to purchase?

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So you get to play The Joker in extra special challenge rooms, exclusively for the PS3, and so on and so forth.
 This thread is not to debate and be moody over the lack of such content for 360. I own both a PS3 and 360. This is not an issue with me.
For a multi-console gamer the issue usually is, to be quite honest, if the 360 version looks better than the PS3. But with the extra exclusive content, my usual gut reaction to bet on the 360 purchase has been stopped. 
Is there any tangible differences between both games? Both demo's looked incredibly similar from a graphics perspective. I have a feeling the end result is if you want achievements, (yum.) or trophies. (eh.) 
Is the extra Joker content associated with either trophies or achievements? Or is it just there? Is an extra downloadable, worth changing my usual purchasing methods?

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I hear the 360 version is slightly better looking and runs slightly better. Both of which you will not be able to notice while actually playing the game, but you know, reviewers have to fan the flames of war don't they?
The Joker rooms don't make up for any trophies and obviously not any achievements though I have a sneaking suspicion they will release the Joker challenge rooms in the near future for the 360 as DLC...for a nominal price. Jerks.

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@RsistncE: It sounds like it's going to be a 360 purchase.
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Platform Exclusive

(ATTN: As confirmed by Sefton Hill of Rocksteady, the Joker will only be playable on the PS3 and will not be playable on the 360 at anytime in the future. It is a permanent PS3-only exclusive. This is due to an exclusive deal that Sony has for the video game.)

Apparently you value achievements. So go with the xbox 360 version, unless you get the PS3 version for much cheaper that would offset your desire to get the achievements. As you said, the game looks very similar on both consoles. Only the PC versions sets itself apart with the PhysX stuff.

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I own both the 360 & the PS3.  For all multi-console games I go with the 360 version because I am an achievements whore.  I doubt there is very much difference in visual quality between the two versions.  If there is, it is on an extremely small scale.   
As for the Joker content, I doubt their are any trophies associated with them.  Almost all achievements and trophies are identical on both consoles.  I believe like a number of gaming journalists have voiced that the Joker content will eventially become available for the 360 (at a small price) somewhere down the line. 
I pre-ordered the 360 version even though I too want to play the Joker content because again, I am an achievement whore and I myself believe I will eventually get a chance to play the Joker content down the line.
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@vidiot: I only really buy exclusives for my PS3 because all of my friends have 360's.
@bandresen: Yeah but how often have you heard "platform exclusive" with other games and then what it is that was supposed to be exclusive comes out for the other console? In all honesty I think the fact that the Joker challenge maps aren't even on the disc but have to be downloaded as DLC speaks volumes as is. Not really like Eidos has been the most trustworthy developer in the past anyways. Either way I really don't care. I've seen the challenge rooms and I have no need to play as the Joker if I did I'd buy it for my PS3 instead :D
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So PC users aren't allowed to chime in? Cause that's the one I'm waiting for. PhysX ain't what it's all about, but it certainly gives things an extra layer of neat.

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@RsistncE said:
Not really like Eidos has been the most trustworthy developer in the past anyways.
Yeah, I don't trust anything that publisher says. Although I have heard that this content ties in with the deal struck with DCO somehow regarding DC properties...yeah...I don't really get it either. 
If your game is delayed for a PS3 port, Sony requires you to make concessions and add exclusive new content. But that's not the case here. After watching so many exclusive DLC's going...not exclusive... I gotta think that they might add this in the future for something ridiculous like 800pts.
Totally off topic...Is this the last game Eidos releases before changing the name to Square-Enix Europe?
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@MrKlorox: You are more than welcome to chime in.
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In terms of exclusivity, Eidos kept the Tomb Raider content exclusive to 360.  So the chances that it'll eventually go cross platform doesn't seem likely given the company's history with DLC.

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@MrKlorox: I'm not quite sure why I'm not buying it for my PC to be honest. It's gonna have crazy mod support and I bet they'll have challenge maps for all kinds of whacky characters pretty quick. Guess I'm just a sucker for Live based achievements.
@vidiot: Wait, SE bought out Eidos? When the hell did that happen???
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@vidiot: Righty-o then. I just saw "multi-console" and assumed it was literal.


  Yeah, I hate that factor. I almost bought Prototype on 360 because of that but luckily my system had no problems with it. My point count is dwarfed by any of my friends though, so I stopped worrying about them. Many games have their own built-in achievement system anyway (Battlefield series, Shadow Complex, etc...) that are often more diverse and than the actual Live ones. This game doesn't happen to do this also, does it?

I'm dumbfounded at multiplatform PC games that use GFW, but not GFWL... what could be so expensive/difficult/time consuming about going Live?
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@MrKlorox: Yeah see all my friends have a 360 not a high end gaming PC like me so I usually will go for the 360 version unless the game is MEANT to be played on a PC (ex. Valve's games). But yeah I don't get why the achievements aren't just universal across the game for the PC and 360, like the same achievements for both which you can only earn once. Pretty baffling.
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@MrKlorox: Last time I checked the PC version is GFWL. It should have achievements.
As for taking the thread literally, it's not much to make the logical jump from consoles to PC. It's such a minor thing, but I can understand your trepidation.
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@vidiot:   The deal closed in April, Eidos has not existed as anything but a brand for months now.  Their offices were absorbed into what is now Square-Enix Europe, which the ex-Eidos studios (Crystal Dynamics, Montreal etc.) now answer to.
I can't wait for a FFXIII-Tomb Raider crossover in 2010.  Lara must save the world using giant crystals and firaga!
Edit:  Oh, and I'm picking this up for PC.
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I am getting PS3 version.

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@vidiot: So it is. I thought I looked a few weeks back and the logo was missing from the box. I guess I just missed it.
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360. Achievements, and XBL will be connected, thus I can talk to friends in a party while I play. 360 games tend to retail cheaper over here than PS3 counterparts, so that should cover the inevitable Joker DLC too.

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