Arkham has moved website Reveals new threat

#1 Posted by SolidOcelot (345 posts) - has a single billboard but boy does it give us the biggest confirmation of all, the Uncle Sam portion has his face torn off, now what batman villian doesnt like his face... and has some sort of tie to politics... hmmm not obvious enough how about the "split personality" of the poster the right side has a gun the other a pointing finger, the right side also looks badly burnt.... yes Two-Face will play a role in the next Batman game, i dont know about u but i love the idea.
Cant wait for more info on this game !!!

#2 Posted by natetodamax (19219 posts) -

You cannot be excited for information regarding something that does no exist.

#3 Edited by SJSchmidt93 (4898 posts) -

Yeah, the very end of the game also pretty much gives this information away. 
Also... linked.

#4 Posted by SolidOcelot (345 posts) - needles to say this game wont come out this year but i still cant wait

#5 Posted by BjornTheUnicorn (358 posts) -
This is put on my must buy 2011 list, along with Diablo III, and more to come!
#6 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19382 posts) -

Nice stretch there...

#7 Posted by Milkman (17305 posts) -
@BjornTheUnicorn said:
This is put on my must buy 2011 list, along with Diablo III, and more to come! "
Actually, the part with Killer Croc getting a hold of the Titan is different per ending. The player can either see Killer Croc, Bane or Scarecrow at the end. It's completely random.
#8 Posted by Willy105 (4691 posts) -

That is definitely Two-Face. How could anyone disagree?

#9 Posted by juice8367 (446 posts) -
@BjornTheUnicorn: @BjornTheUnicorn said:
This is put on my must buy 2011 list, along with Diablo III, and more to come! "
I am totally with ya.  Plus I love your icon.
#10 Posted by VicRattlehead (1400 posts) -

cant wait for this game...the trailer shows penguins iceberg lounge and a reference to black mask as well as the two face poster.... yay

#11 Posted by CL60 (16906 posts) -

That was obvious judging by the end of the first one.

#12 Posted by addictedtopinescent (3645 posts) -

Two-Face is cool and all, But penguin is way more awesome and pretty much confirmed if you ask me

#13 Posted by Evilsbane (4735 posts) -

Good to have 100% confirmation totally stoked for this game.

#14 Posted by gunswordfist (576 posts) -
Two-Face is DC's greatest villain and it's about time he was in a good Batman game.
#15 Posted by I_smell (3925 posts) -

I hope Two-Face gets a hold of the titan and becomes Four-Face.

#16 Posted by 4thHorseman (74 posts) -

Hm, so could the storyline possibly revolve around gang wars in an effort to claim the Titan? Streets littered with those Titan thugs could be pretty interesting.
#17 Posted by Nixtwix (43 posts) -

Can't wait for this. I saw the the GT Pop-Up or something and there is a black cat in the trailer...

#18 Posted by Verit (105 posts) -

Personally what I enjoy about Batman is the villains. If for some reason you aren't entertained by the dark knight, you can still watch the Joker, Two-face, Harley, and many other villains that are just entrancing to watch.

#19 Posted by Slayeric (266 posts) -

Give me some Hush! More Joker, Two-Face and Hush. Oh and a Riddler Death Trap or 2. And for Scarecrow to fuck some fools up.

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