Completely Stuck !****spoilers**

#1 Posted by cicatriz (25 posts) -

Right after you create the antidote  for ivys plants and you see all the ledges you need to glide to ,i accidentally hit restart from checkpoint and it brought me down in between to the batcave and old sewers ,i cannot go into the batcave because a plant is blocking the way and the old sewers just lead to dead ends. am I now completely trapped.?
anybody have any help ? Am i overlooking something as simple as throwing a batarang or rappel? Really do not want to restart my game. thanks 

#2 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -

I'm not exactly sure where you are but as Batman says "there's always a way." Could you be a little more specific with where you're at? You're not on those islands that you have glide to right? Is it that little cliff bridge going to the batcave?

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Yea its the bridge that would normally lead into the batcave but is blocked, I can see a ledge that looks like the right way to go  off in the distance but it seems to high and to far away to get from where i am.

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There should be a vent up high at the dead end.

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Well, if you've already used the antidote, then the plants should not be a problem for you.  Also, how do you ACCIDENTALLY hit "restart checkpoint"?  That actually takes a couple of analog flicks and button presses to happen... 
Nonetheless, I think you are talking about the part where you have to glide to all of the different islands outside of Arkham in order to get back around.  The part between the Batcave and the Old Sewers is where you are stuck at, correct?  I would suggest looking around for some kind of grate or something.  Other than that, don't know what to say.  = /

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the only vent i see takes me back into the old sewers ,which then the only place to go is the main sewer junction.  I know this must be a pain usually i do not get this stuck in game.

#7 Edited by suneku (2997 posts) -

No, that's the correct way. You have to go to the main sewer junction. After you glide past those islands, you end up exactly where you are and you need to go to the sewer junction for another mission and to get to the surface.

#8 Posted by cicatriz (25 posts) -

wow ,i just got the new mission ,thanks for or your help i was a few steps from starting over. cant thank you enough

#9 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -

no problem

#10 Posted by jakob187 (21731 posts) -

SUNEKU FTW!!!  He truly IS the world's greatest detective!

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