Help with Joker Teeth in Arkham West

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I collected 8 out of the 10 joker teeth in Arkham East but I can't find the last two and this section is the bigger than Arkham North and West. Does anybody know where all the Joker Teeth are located here?
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Exploration is key.

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Depending on whether or not you've completed the story, some don't pop up until a certain story mark is hit. Good luck :)

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@jakob187 said:
" Exploration is key. "
I know that but finding the Joker Teeth is different, they don't tell you where they are.
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I'm stuck on the same thing man. I have finished the game and found everything else but am sitting at 8/10 Joker Teeth in Arkham West. Anyone have any advice?

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patience. There will be a guide soon enough I'm sure

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Well, it's just being two Joker Teeth short of completing all of Riddler's Challenges is rather maddening. Funny that you're having the same problem I am in Arkham West in Arkham East. I found the last two teeth for it around the Warden statue.

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turn up the audio and listen for them. i found some once by hearing them on the floor above me.
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Will Joker Teeth disappear after completing the story, completely screwing me?
Edit: I'll answer this one. No they don't disappear.

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I found my last two teeth in Arkham East up in one of the guard towers.

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Check the abandoned tunnel, everyone seem to miss those two.
Edit: Oh, Arkham East. Serves me right for not reading the first post.

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OK i found the last 2 teeth are in the tunnel between east and west , you will find them right before you enter the arkham east.

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