Hey guys, just bought the game...but I'm stuck.

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I usually never get stuck in games, but I've got a problem now and I think you fellas can help me.
I'm stuck on the part where you need to find Dr. Young's research notes, I just rescued the guards with the chandelier and I'm in the library.
My Objective says find Dr. Young's research notes in Arkham Mansion. I tried looking up a guide to see what's up. But all it said was "Scan for fingerprints on the bottom floor"
I don't see any finger prints, am I missing something?

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The finger prints.

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@TheMustacheHero said:
" . I tried looking up a guide to see what's up. "
@TooWalrus said:
" Have you tried this? "
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There's a book in there that she put her notes in. 
You follow the fingerprint trail and it takes you to the book. 
Look around, backtrack if you have to, and find her fingerprints (detective vision, of course).

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@TooWalrus said:

" Have you tried this? "

It's saying the same thing, Look for the book on the shelf, but it aint there. 
@emkeighcameron: Do you remember where to find her fingerprints originally? I can't find them. I've been at this for like an hour O.O
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Never mind, I completely missed a door that was in the main hall where the statue was, I found her office and got her fingerprints.
Case closed.

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I hate it when little things like that stop me from getting through a game.

My token example: In Final Fantasy VIII there is a part where your party is trapped in an elevator and you must escape through a trap door. The trap door is clearly visible on the floor. I spent three hours trying to stand in the correct position to open the fucking thing, but, after consistent failure, gave up and stopped playing. Four months later, I picked the game up again, loaded my save, and opened the door on the first go.  
What the fuck.

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