I just got this game for christmas, well almost.

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I opened it up and noticed that there was no plastic wrap around it and the safety tape on the side was broken as well. I opened up the case and no game. -_- Hopefully Wal-Mart will let me exchange it. I really wanted to play it too, at least now I have Mad Men dvd's to tide me over.

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That's why you check before hand.

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Wal Mart sold you an open game with no case? Just take it back they'll replace it no prob. I got the game for Xmas too! Pumped to get into it :D

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Maybe they'll get you a refund with youre money back. Tell them you live miles away, and the gas money is equal to how much the game costs.

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That's pretty wierd, unless America operate differently to the UK. 
Games aren't o n the shelf - just the cases. Then you hand the guy at the cashier the case, and then he'll get one from the back with the game in and sealed. 
If that's the case everywhere then read dbz1995's post.
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I still need to get this game.  :(

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Mission accomplished i think wal-mart just had so many people in line they didn't want to get into it with me so they just gave me the cash and I went and bought it at Gamestop. It is as fantastic as they hype led me to believe.

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This is why I dont like Wal-Mart.

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