Is the DLC worth buying?

#1 Posted by Spence_5060 (380 posts) -

I just bought Batman Arkham Asylum from Gamefly for about $15 (a must buy if you have not already) and I'm wondering if the DLC is worth buying on the xbox 360.

#2 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -

it depends. Play the game first. if it holds you then it's probably worth it. 

#3 Posted by Pudge (1043 posts) -

The DLC is nothing but a few challenge maps so unless you really get into the combat system you'll probably be satisfied with what you unlock while playing through the game.

#4 Posted by outlawtotheend (128 posts) -

I bought most of the DLC but you know you're ifnd with the maps on the disk really...

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