Is there a point of no return?

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Hey guys, i'm just about to beat the game (i've been invited to the party). I was wondering if i should go look for all the riddles now or if i can go back to the island after i beat the game.  

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You can go back to the island after beating the game, so the riddles aren't an issue. The only missable collectible is the "Party Pooper" achievement -- after beating the final boss, he and his goons are gone for good.

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nice! thanks 

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@Frenchie108 said:
" nice! thanks  "
You're welcome.
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Couldn't you have asked this question yesterday? I beat the game yesterday but didn't kick the asses of Joker's goons. Grrrr...

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 I was so upset when I found out about 'Party Pooper', watching myself as Batman just pacing down that hallway stone-faced was one of my favorite moments of that game. Knowing that the achievement made people miss out on it bummed me out.
To be fair my experience was probably even cooler and crazier than most because I sniped all the guys outside the doorway with the remoterang so they didn't get to deliver their lines about welcoming me and such, then I saw the rows of thugs inside waiting with my Bat-vision and was super expecting some huge brawl but when the door opened it was like a surprise party.
So I guess the cool part for me was the surprise switcher-oo, and seeing the achievement say "No you should have just fought them" just made me "awww".     

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I'm a little bummed there isn't a "second quest" option. If I press continued after beating the game it puts me back on the island, but with all of the effects of Titan on the plants.  I guess I can still get into all of the old buildings, but it sure feels like there is going to be things closed off.

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