Is this game's price going to drop anytime soon?

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Yoah, I was wondering if this game's price is going to drop anytime soon.  I just got a PS3 and I want to go back and play some of the system's best games, but I only want to buy "Greatest Hits" games that have had their prices dropped. 
So, this was GOTY last yaer.  When will this game join the Greatest Hits lineup?

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I doubt if it will be before this Christmas, they launched a GOTY edition a few months back as you said which is a good sign of a company trying to wring out every last cent in a product before lowering the price. Be patience or try, eBay, amazon ,etc.

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I don't think they'll lower it much until the sequel has been out for at least a few months. It's DC's only videogame that's still making money so they're probably gonna make it last as long as possible.

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Try here's a link

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