PC Demo: Arkham Asylum

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Hey there, I recently downloaded the pc demo for AA and it runs perfectly on high settings. However, I've checked and my system apparently doesn't meet the minimum required settings. (not 3 Ghz)
 Is the demo a good representation of how the full game will run? Any one had any expierience with this? Any info would be great:)

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About the same probally. It also depends on how high you turned on physX because that should cut your frames in nearly half whenever it uses those physX effects to the max. However with it off, it should give you a good idea how well it runs.

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I always found it that demos play better then the actual game.

#4 Posted by emkeighcameron (1895 posts) -

Should work OK with full game, albeit with slightly lower settings. It's definitely worth buying and trying. It should work on your system, just maybe not as "nicely" you're seeing in the demo.
Batman:AA is one of the few games that is worth it on ANY performance setting.

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Awesome. I played the game already on the 360 (before it broke) and i looooove it. I'll take you guys advice and play it on the down low.

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