Story too short?

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#1 Posted by waketowakekid (122 posts) -

Is it me or was the Story mode too short.  I expected more villians and a longer story.

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#2 Posted by JokerClown88 (1107 posts) -

It was not too short.  It was perfect length.

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#3 Posted by bigdaddyjack21 (216 posts) -

It was just about perfect. Although I think 2 boss fights right at the end were a little too close maybe a bigger build up to Joker would have been nice.

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#4 Posted by SmasheControllers (2951 posts) -

I thought it was Short.

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#5 Posted by Babble (1276 posts) -

Felt fine to me.

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#6 Posted by CL60 (17118 posts) -

It was fine.

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#7 Posted by DukesT3 (2093 posts) -

I had a friend that beat it the day he got it, but he said he still wants to go back and collect.. the tapes or something? I dunno but it seems to have good replay value even if you beat cause he enjoyed it a lot. 

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#8 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

I would of liked a short level before the last boss.
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#9 Posted by SUBL1ME (119 posts) -

The game is a good length but the pacing leading up to the final boss is terrible, it feels like there should have been a lot more game to it. You literally just walk through a door and its hey you should go fight the Joker. They could have added maybe another hour and another villain in there. Two-Face or Mr. Freeze would have been nice, get some more of the core villains in the game while still keeping with the overall feel of it.

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#10 Posted by JukeboxJoe (244 posts) -

I could of done with it a bit longer, but I don't know how they could have spun it out
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#11 Posted by KamasamaK (2491 posts) -

I expected more villains too, but the length seemed fine. Although I certainly wouldn't complain if it were longer.

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#12 Posted by Cornman89 (1600 posts) -

I haven't finished it yet (about to face a juiced-up Poison Ivy), but I actually like the fact that it doesn't ever drag. The game just goes and doesn't stop. As for the villains, half of me wants there to be more, the other half fears the roster would get too crowded and thus no one would get sufficient screen time.

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#13 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7598 posts) -

Yeah, I have to say the length was about right.  It's longer than most games these days, and I wouldn't have wanted to see them squeeze in more villians, just for the sake of having them in the game.  Did we need random boss fights with Catwoman, Two Face or Penguin?  I'd rather see them given proper stories in a sequel rather than two minute cameos here.  
The game is worth playing through at least twice, the Riddler trophies extend the amount of time a fair bit and the challenges will keep you amused for quite a while too.  I think the length is perfect.

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#14 Posted by Anarchist4Eva (91 posts) -

I think the length is just about right. Though I found it to be rather easy on the normal difficulty.

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#15 Posted by The_Dude_Abides (249 posts) -

Not short, just lacked variety for me. Big room, take out bad guys, go here, big room, take out bad guys, fight a Titan. Yawn!! 
Still enjoyed the hell out of it, nut it could have been so much better. High hopes for the second instalment.

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#16 Posted by VWGTI (1946 posts) -

It was long enough.

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#17 Posted by waketowakekid (122 posts) -

Don't get me wrong I loved the game. The pace of the story was very good. To me I wish there were still a few more villains.  I mean we did just go back to Arkham Asylum. Mr. Freeze was there in his cell covered in ice. He could have broke out. I mean the Joker did say he had a lot of surprises for Batman and if Harley Quinn  did not have a soft spot for Poison Ivy we would not have fought here. Remember she said that Poison Ivy was not on the list? I dunno all I can say about the game is: Great game, Great story, Great gameplay. Still felt a little short to me. Just my opinion. 
Oh and honestly. The joker was hidden thru the enire game. Then we just go into the Visitor Center and BAM there he is. Could have made it a little tougher to get to the Joker.

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#18 Posted by Pie (7302 posts) -

To all of you saying that there werent enough villains they do need to save some for number 2

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#19 Posted by gearhead (2377 posts) -

Word. Who votes Calendar Man be the main boss?

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#21 Posted by ryanwho (12011 posts) -

It was concise. You're not used to it because most game stories have filler and bullshit, and this game didn't, which made it a better game.

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