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I have been playing this game for a while now.
But now im stuck.

I am here now :
Botanical Gardens - Glasshouse Generator Room

I am at that place where I have to kill some enemies and then
disable an electric gate. But I have to have the range upgrade to do this
because the gate is too far away and I cannot go close because then
I will get electricuted.

So did I miss the upgrade ? And if so where is it located ?
Or is the only way to start from scartch again ?
I think I have just been upgrading when it said upgrade
but I am not shure.

Is there a way I can maybe by clicking a key can bring up
the upgrades screeen because it only seems to pop up when
I get upgrades ? How to get on with the game?
Here is the walkthough i used where he uses the upgrade to get 
to destroy the control box which i can not because i dont have it now.

Best Regards

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There is nothing past that gate crucial for completing the game, so you can bypass it for now.  You can upgrade to take those out from farther away when you have enough points from the same upgrade screen that your health/combat/other equipment gets upgraded from.
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Isn't there a vent you can crawl through to get around to that? I'm having a hard time remembering, but I'm pretty sure there's a way to do it without that upgrade. 
(I think you're actually supposed to do it without the upgrade)

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