Very odd problem on the PC.

#1 Posted by JTB123 (1167 posts) -

Hey all,
I recently got this on Steam when it was on sale, it ran fine for the first couple of weeks but now certain combat challenges have awful frame rates. I did a check and my average FR is 59, on certain challenges it's less than 10 :( I've tried altering the settings and it doesn't solve anything. 
Has anyone else had this problem?

#2 Posted by Rockanomics (1187 posts) -
@JTB123: Do you have PhysX turned on? If you do and you don't have a setup that can really handle it your game will get super bogged down. 
The reason why it would only happen on certain challenges is that some have these physics controlled flags (or something cloth based) hanging around, and those tax your system more than anything else.
#3 Posted by Regal (442 posts) -

Strange since all challenges are basically scenarios from the main game, perhaps with a few extra henchmen thrown in. I had no problem with the challenges. 

#4 Posted by salad10203 (670 posts) -

Agree with Rockanomics, its probably physx, what are your specs/settings?

#5 Posted by Carestrike (65 posts) -

I'm gonna break away from the crowd here & say it's your PhysX. That screwed over Mirror's Edge for me so bad.

#6 Posted by JTB123 (1167 posts) -
@Rockanomics:  You were right :) Thanks, now I can play rumble in the jungle again.

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