When I beat the game, will I want to play through again?

#1 Posted by natetodamax (19216 posts) -

I'm probably getting this game this week, but my main concern is replay value. Will I want to keep playing after the story is finished, or will I put it away and just forget about it.

#2 Posted by Coltonio7 (3156 posts) -

Ehh, probably not. After you run around when the game is over and collect all the shit, you will be totally done with it.

#3 Posted by ververdan0226 (1573 posts) -

If you're worried, rent it. If you're not, buy it. Simple. Have fun!

#4 Posted by natetodamax (19216 posts) -
@Coltonio7: @ververdan0226: 
How are the Challenge rooms? Are they fun?
#5 Posted by Coltonio7 (3156 posts) -
@natetodamax: I thought they were dumb, but I was never one for time trials.
#6 Posted by ververdan0226 (1573 posts) -
@natetodamax: Oh, I haven't played the game yet. Just offering my words of wisdom on a more general level. This is totally a what do you want for Christmas gift from a family member, I'm saving my money to get other games this fall. I want to play it, but I have priorities.
#7 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8576 posts) -

I am going though my second playthough looking for all the riddlier's trophies and stuff. It has more replay value that way at least. The first playthough was really trying to get though the game quickly as possible. The challenges are challenging, it takes alot of skill.

#8 Posted by natetodamax (19216 posts) -
@HitmanAgent47: Is the game long? I won't beat it in a day, will I?
#9 Posted by Luberik (129 posts) -

in a day, I don't think so. it's about..8-12 hrs? depends on collecting stuff and so. But it's very enjoyable. Y should surely play it.

#10 Posted by Baillie (4273 posts) -

I completed it on Hard in a day, and done all the trials the next day. I haven't wanted to go back, not until the dlc is out.

#11 Edited by HitmanAgent47 (8576 posts) -
@natetodamax: I doubt it, the game will take you a few sessions of playing it, roughly 8-10 hours of gameplay if you play a few hours a day. However once you find all the riddlier trophies, puzzles and stuff it would take alot more hours.  Once you find everything though, which also unlocks all the challenges, you might not want to play it again. Then again you would probally have to finish all the challenges too. You could rent it, however I still think it's an AAA game on gamerankings, gameplay wise the game is really good and you will get alot of hours out of the game. I'm glad I bought it and I think it's worth it, either way just play it.
#12 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1865 posts) -

I'm probably going to replay it on hard, and grab the Riddler trophies/interview tapes that I missed the first time.

#13 Posted by raidingkvatch (1157 posts) -

I beat it, got all riddler stuff and did a couple of the challenge rooms, probably spent about 15 hours with the game. I liked the story, although it wasn't original, I thought it was well executed and fun, I'll probably go back and try it on hard in a couple of months

#14 Posted by Damian (1538 posts) -

I certainly didn't feel like replaying the story mode right away (still don't). But I figure going through on hard will be fun at some point. 
The challenge rooms are fun. But you could ace those in a couple of sittings if your decent at it. 
Overall I don't find it a very replayable game. But it's certainly worth going through once. So I guess I'd recommend either renting it or waiting for a price drop. I got it for $40, and I feel that is the right price for this product.

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