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Batman like you've never seen him before!

After along hiatus of not playing this game I've come back and taken it down finally and have only a few bad things to say about it so let's do this thing.
Let's get the bad out of the way first shall we? The only things I found bad in this game was lack of killing, sounds very un-batmanish but seriously after taking down some enemies, going to another set then coming back to find the same enemies that I got a few seconds ago back up and running at me was very irritating especially when I didn't have time to go individually ground takedown all of them with the rest of the enemies wanting to rip my guts out leading me to this thought..."I wish I could just stab somebody!" It made me miss the Assassins Creed 2 gameplay so much I thought I'd gone crazy. I was insanely wanting to just walk up and stab this dude but instead I'm forced to hit him up a few times and then go and curb stomp his face into the ground in a not satisfying way at all. Another bad thing about the fighting is the lack of preparation for fights. I mean come on! I'm Batman and the best plan I have for a normal ground fight is run up and punch? I love the instance type fights in teh large room with gargoyles around because you can come up with this master plan of placed explosions and stealth kills and watching that plan work out is uber satisfying. After all these things though the game is still excellent because all the things I've said are pretty much opinions. I still had a great time with this game which leads me to the good things of the game.
Hmmm...everything else? The detective work, the puzzles and the amazing riddle system they have in place. The atmosphere
oozes crazy and you know this place is bad. Fighting Harley then turning around and seeing a cell crate hanging off the ceiling 
covered in ice gave me goosebumps because in that crate I knew was Mr. Freeze and the game didn't have to tell me this.
That's the great thing about this game, it doesn't have to waste time telling you what to feel by making a big deal of the setpieces
like Mr. Freezes crate. The same thing about Batman, you know what he's feeling without the game having to tell you, you 
always get this sense that he's as crazy as some of the guys in here without a cutscene showing it off or somebody blatanly saying it to the camera. This game also does the best Batman by showing off all sides of him because he is more than a butt-kicking super-hero. He is also a detective which is half of his personality and this is the first game that really focused on it
and that is definitely a good thing.
All in all this game had me hooked from the moment that I started it, the story-telling here is great as are all the characters who feel fleshed out as ever because the game doesn't waste time doing it you somehow feel like you know them. No game has ever made the surroundings feel so real and creepy as this game. The joker is a fantastic villain because you don't know what he is going to do next and that keeps the game fresh and exciting. Overall I love this game and can't wait for the second.


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