Anyone else not really getting into it?

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I'm really not trying to be a killjoy or anything; I thought Asylum was awesome and was excited to pick this up. And it *certainly* isn't a bad game by any means. But there are just so many tiny elements of the game that I'm meeting with kind of a 'meh' reaction. The level-up upgrades don't do anything for me, the most challenging parts seem to be just prolonged brawls, I feel Hamill's performance doesn't have the same heart in it, there are a few control issues that make certain things harder than they need to be...

And all in all, I guess I just feel like I'm playing Assassin's Creed, a franchise I've already been more or less smothered with.

Not trying to complain, just wondering if anyone else has started losing interest while making their way through this game.

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How the Batman cape clips through absolutely everything still annoys the hell outta me. Call me crazy, but I thought it's an industry standard clipping should be at most a glitch. I fail to see how this could make it into a released retail game, and brought over in the sequel.

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The game is awesome. I would like to tell y'all a easter egg/spoiler that I found in the game, but this doesn't seem like the right time.

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overall i love the game. There's lil nitpicky things that bug me like why the whole timing mini game like sequence when climbing buildings as catwoman? At first i thought u get xp for nailing the jumps perfectly but you don't. Seems kind of unnecessary other than it gets u up there a fraction of a second faster

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It really doesn't feel as tight as Asylum, but it's certainly still good.

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Only a few hours in (on the hunt for Freeze) but I'm enjoying the hell out of the performances, the inmate conversations, the gliding - just about everything. It's an incredibly detailed world, and I can't wait to poopsock it this weekend. My biggest gripe? All these tall buildings, and the only goddamn entrances are right out front with a groups of thugs on guard. What, no rooftop vents? No windows? I'm wasting 20 min at a time trying to find the stealthy entrance, and I can't believe it when I realize that yes, the Batman can only enter through the front door. It's a small thing, but after multiple infiltration options in Assassins Creed or Deus Ex, I guess I expected this would be a no-brainer for Batman.

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I'm pretty jaded I think...Got Gears 3; haven't finished it. Got Dark Souls (loved Demon's Souls); haven't played it too much.

Hooked on Batman tho. I love this game. I find the combat to be a bit difficult tho. I don't recall having as much trouble with it in Asylum. I am playing on hard. I feel like there are so many gadgets and what not that I get confused easily. I'm also up to the Freeze part; just beat Penguin.

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It's a great game, better than AA.

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I'm right where Mercot is. I have to say, I'm liking it, but nowhere near as much as I liked AA. The open world, catwoman scenes, absolute flood of collectibles, and the strange/underwhelming upgrades so far are all combining to make this a lesser game for me. Only a couple hours in so hopefully it will change, but I have yet to find a group of guys that I needed to hide and pick them off one by one. Or even bother messing with. Dunno, good but not great so far. Like I said, I hope it picks up. Can't stand Catwoman though.

also the radio chatter is very annoying. I'm already hearing the same things over and over.

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I'm glad I am not alone on this one. I played AA and loved it. Collected all the trophies, etc. This time around, I'm feeling complete disinterest. I like the game, but I'm not driven to play it. I spent the first 3 hours re-acclimating myself to the Batman experience as well as acclimating myself to the now open hub world style. Once I realized it was essentially The Legend of Zelda meets Assassins Creed, meets AA, things started flowing better. I had a lot of trouble in the onset just making sense of everything. I feel like they throw you right into the world with very little explanation or instruction. So it becomes overwhelming. There are just too many options in combat, and it becomes cumbersome at times. Now that I'm about 13 hours into the game I feel much more comfortable with the new additions and the structure, but something about the game doesn't make me want to play. I find that I'm playing Gears 3 multiplayer and waiting for BF3 and Skyrim instead of enjoying this game. I'll probably finish it after the holidays.

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I really like this game a lot, but there is something that does not sit right, probably my favorite game of the year tho.

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I'm right there with you. It's by no means a bad game, in fact I think it's a pretty good game, but something about the main story just never quite clicked with me. I've beaten it now, and enjoy just kinda messing around in Arkham City, but the story never had that focus that Arkham Asylum had. Much like when superhero movies try to throw a ton of villains at you, I think adding even more villains to this game hurt it in the long run. Arkham Asylum was mostly about Batman vs. The Joker. Now you've got The Joker, Penguin, Two Face, Riddler, Hugo Strange, and so on. Hopefully playing through on New Game Plus knowing what to expect I'll enjoy it more this time around.

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