How far are you along completion-wise? Do you keep going?

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I'm at like 70% completion after 3 days. 100% Story / 90% Sidemission and I've just begun doing the challenges. Dude - after like four sessions of doing sidemissions, going into the Riddler Challenges is like heaven. I almost forgot how much I loved these challenge rooms in Arkham Asylum; and now there's like 500% more of them. The core gameplay mechanics are so damn good in their pure distilled 'gamey' form. When one spends most time backtracking and figuring out Riddler's hidden secrets, it's easy to forget. Hidden Secrets are obsessive fun, but them Challenges are pure joy.

I'll definitely go for getting all the medals in the challenges, before I go back and finish up the Riddler collectibles. Might even get to the 100% mark before BF3 comes around on the 27th/28th. Didnt' think I would go for it at first, due to the overwhelming mass of completionist content, but somehow I'm almost done and it was a fun journey. Rediscovering my love for the Challenges makes 100% completion very likely. Go for gold Batman!

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Probably around 65%, don't enjoy the riddles as much as the first one so probably won't go for the 100%, done the main story and all side missions except riddles

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@Nightriff said:

Probably around 65%, don't enjoy the riddles as much as the first one so probably won't go for the 100%, done the main story and all side missions except riddles

Try the challenges. They're pure joy. The core gameplay mechanics are better than ever. Especially combat is like Tony Hawk, except it's Batman flippin' the fuck out.

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About 50%. Not sure if I'm going the completionist route - certainly enjoying it, but there is so damn much of everything and there's too much else to play

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Only 23 percent finished. Not even quite done with the story. I do think I'll probably go back and clear out most the Riddler stuff. 

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omg... I really think I'm gonna call it quits on platinum...or at least wait until people post a youtube video which shows you exactly how to get every trophy, and damn do i suck at gliding, how the hell do you fall down a tiny hole glide into a tight corner and shut up AR sucks my butt lol

but gonna hold off on this for a while...hopefully by the time the Nightwing dlc comes out, youtube videos for all the riddler garbage will be available too :)

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@xhavoc86: It wont let me link it. I was shocked that this was out already. I'm sure if it's all of them though.

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@ImmortalSaiyan: Games Radar is pretty great at putting up collectable guides. From what I understand, they just have a lot of interns, and they aren't afraid to use them.
Also, I'm at 65%. Still have about a thrid of the Riddler's stuff to do, plus all the challenge rooms and new game plus.
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71% if I remember correctly. I'm done with all the Riddler stuff, every side missons and completed the story. All that's left is the challenges and the new game plus.

I am enjoying this game a whole lot.

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Around 40% right now. There is SO MUCH shit to do in this game. Not gonna be an easy S-Rank like the first game.

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This game is a completionist's nightmare... I hate this game....

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@Slaker117: I'm thankful for their interns. I was not going to get all the riddler stuff until I found that guide to fall back on in case I get stuck.

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@nohthink said:

This game is a completionist's nightmare... I hate this game....

It is a nightmare, but I don't hate it... just gonna take my time on it... :(

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I'm at 73% now. Finished my main game with all side missions and such. Got 407/440 riddler stuff and have started my new game +. Have not touched the challenges and probably won't because it's not my thing.

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@MrMuscle said:

I'm at 73% now. Finished my main game with all side missions and such. Got 407/440 riddler stuff and have started my new game +. Have not touched the challenges and probably won't because it's not my thing.

I'm in about the same boat. I've got about 60 more Riddler trophies/riddles to complete. Haven't touched New Game + or any of the Challenge Mode, I'll probably try them out a bit, but I'm not crazy enough to go for all of the medals or anything like that.

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Finished the story, didn't do anything else and I'm not planning to go back to it. Really not feeling the game tbqh

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Haven't finished the story yet and have collected around 230 Riddler challenges. As for the rooms I've have to see if the Predator rooms are more fun for me this time around. I'll do all the combat challenges no problem.

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About 51% I finished the story and most of the side missions so I'm working on the riddler stuff now before I try out New Game Plus or the challenges. I doubt I'll go for 100% but I do want to do enough to at least save all the hostages and take the riddler down. I like the sense of urgency they added for the riddler missions this time around instead of just solving them just because.

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almost 60%. Finished with the story, All upgrades, all side missions except riddler, and the one where the political prisoners are being beat up. about 200/400 riddler collectibles. and 0 catwoman.

I platinumed AA but don't think I'm gonna bother with this one. The riddler stuff is just a grind, especially when you'll have to return to the same place as catwoman to get her riddler stuff. Also I HATE everything in this game relating to catwoman, the way she controls is terrible for the way the city is laid out. So I think this is my stopping point. I liked it but not anywhere near as much as AA, that game was just so much tighter/focused.

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I think I had like 30-40% when I beat the game. I hope to go back but there are just so many games coming out that it's going to be tough.

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87% for me. I don't think I'll do the Riddlers' Revenge stuff, as I don't really enjoy it. Don't know why. Guess it's the lack of context/story. That said I'm planning a third run of Batman, another Normal run. New Game Plus in Arkham City is a goddamn nightmare.

Oh, and I'll definitely get all 400 challenges again.

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At about 60% as of today. I plan on getting 100% because I really love this game. Hell I enjoy just exploring the city! The only other game I'm getting this year is Uncharted so Arkham City will definately be completed 100% and New game plus'ed!

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i'm at 71%. I never did the challenge rooms in the first one (not that interested), so I don't think I'll do that here. Might try the new game+ though, despite the challenge of no counter icon.

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I'm around 30% complete, give or take. I had a busy time with work but I think I may wrap up the main story tonight or tomorrow and probably go after any side quests I"m not finished with or Riddler trophies until Uncharted 3 comes out. If I wrap that up before the 11th, I may put in some more Batman time before Skyrim which will take up the vast majority of my gaming time through the holiday. Once I put it down for really extended stretch, it's going to be a good while before thinking about coming back.

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I finally hit 100% today. I loved going back in and finding all the Riddler stuff I missed and cleaning up the last few side missions. I did find it a little strange that I had a harder time with the combat challenges in the last game but fucked shit up in those in this game. But those damn extreme predator challenges... I've lost years off of my life thanks to those, especially the last few Catwoman Extreme Predator maps. The campaign stuff wasn't too tough, just time-consuming and now I'm staring down having to do it all again as Catwoman, if I want the achievement that is. I love this game but S-ranking it is going to be a chore, especially considering I don't have the Robin DLC and with the impending Nightwing stuff. I've about had it with challenge rooms at this point.

#26 Posted by WickedFather (1694 posts) -

Just hit all 440 collectables, all side missions and it's on 70%. Haven't done a single combat/predator thing. Finding the last few was a frigging horror. I hated the steel mill, too. No guide, just pure filthy grind slog.

#27 Posted by FoxMulder (1762 posts) -

Beat the game fully once with all of the Riddler items and I'm at about 71%. As fun as the challenge rooms are I doubt I will end up trying to gold medal them all. Uncharted 3 is the only other game I will get this year so I plan on doing New Game + sometime after I beat that!

#28 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5576 posts) -

Over 80%.

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Currently at 73%. 100% the Story and Riddles. Just need to do all Challenge Rooms.

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Just hit 53%.  
The Challenge Rooms were really interesting to me in Arkham Asylum, but this time around I don't feel enthusiastic enough about them to grind through the Extreme rooms. I like the easy combat challenges as a way to just beat on dudes as Batman/Robin/Nightwing, but the more intense challenges just aren't quite as fun. Funhouse Brawl, the one with that big dude at the end, was an exercise of pure tedium for me. And Prison Riot Extreme is sort of a mess. I mean, it's fine in terms of design and playability and what not, but I don't think it's what I'm coming to this game for any longer, if that makes sense.  
Might call it good after I get the Riddler stuff finished. 

#31 Posted by Vinny_Says (5907 posts) -

apparently getting all the riddler trophies, every single side mission and a completed New Story + is only worth 80%...

I feel like reviewing the game, I think I've played it enough

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Officially gave up today. I mailed back my copy to Gamefly. I was still considering 100% until I tried the first challenge room and had a lot of difficulty getting all three medals.

It's great that Rocksteady made a shit-ton of content for that game though. Back when I was a kid and couldn't afford to get a game anytime I wanted to, I would probably stick to this game for the next several months trying to do everything in it.

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I think like 89% with all side missions done and NG+. The combat challenge maps are the only things giving me problems at the moment. Predator maps are so goddamn fun.

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I'm at about 65%. I'll never get all those Riddler Trophies. But I agree, going after those combat challenges is fun. Which is surprising, because I never even touched them in Arkham Asylum.

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Currently at 43%. Not finished with the main story yet but I think once I do, I'll probably take a break for a while. Don't think I'll go for 100% complete since I'm not very good with the challenge levels.

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@MariachiMacabre said:

I think like 89% with all side missions done and NG+. The combat challenge maps are the only things giving me problems at the moment. Predator maps are so goddamn fun.

I was exactly the opposite. Working out exactly what those damn predator requirements were then sitting it out while you could do them gave me the pip. By the time I'd worked out how to do the perfect freeflow the combat maps were easy. Here's a tip for them (well read what I put here first).

  • Spam the bat swarm, do three hits that are critical strikes and you're on for doing it again immediately and it rakes in the points.
  • After a bat swarm if you can stun and start a beat down on an armoured guy the do it. You can counter doing it and keep on. If you want then after 5 hits use it opportunity to do a weapon break or another bat swarm.
  • If there are a lot of armoured guys then take one or more out with the super takedown. Do weapon breaks, too.
  • Try and work out when there's going to be one guy left and then super stun them and do a ground pound. It's your multiplier x 75 which can stack thousands onto your score. If you're not sure then stun and beatdown, it's a 50 multiplier.
  • Keep jumping over people's heads to keep your multiplier up and get a better view of the guys. This will stop you punching a guy with a stun rod or armour and busting your multiplier.

I'm far from brilliant but that'll get you to three stars really easily. On maps with titans then use a freeze cluster to nail a load of fools to the floor while you work on super stunning them. As you pummel them do counters then continue, just like armoured dudes. The Abramovitch guys with the hammer and scythe also give you the opportunity for five hits, swarm, five hits, swarm (or weapon breaks). Points come flooding.

I did all the collectables and side missions before the new game plus and in NG+ I did the core and cleared up after. And that's me done with the game. I never want to play it again.

#37 Posted by Scottish_Sin (237 posts) -

I have 100% on Arkham Asylum and I'm currently at 96% completion on Arkham City. Only have a few more campaigns to do and that will be me. I'm not a huge fan of the extreme predator rooms and with having to use the modifiers I can see the last few being a huge pain. Still though, I'm this far, I'll keep at it.

I also have Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing Campaigns to do after Batman but I think I may take a break and come back to it later.

#38 Posted by Bestostero (2750 posts) -

I don't think I will be getting platinum on this after all... :(

#39 Posted by Ghil (241 posts) -

I'm at 71% with 100% missions and riddler's, starting NG+, then I'll take on the challenges. I want my platinum (it'd be my first) so I will keep at it.

#40 Posted by Scottish_Sin (237 posts) -

Just got my 100% on this earlier. That campaign called 'Predator Master' was a right bastard but I got it in the end. Pretty happy with that.

#41 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3474 posts) -

I couldn't do two of the AR missions and haven't tackled any of the Predator or Combat Challenges. Still, it took ages to get all those damn Riddler trophies!

#42 Posted by Lazy0718 (56 posts) -

68% with all side missions done except for the last riddler mission (I'm at 307 riddler trophies). I did a few challenge rooms, but I don't think I'll continue...I play more for the story than the combat. I might try my hand at the new game plus at some point, but right now it looks like I'll put the game on the shelf until next year.

#43 Posted by deskp (498 posts) -

88% challenge rooms not done, propably never will get all the medals on there but i play is sometimes for the fun of it.

#44 Posted by PrivateIronTFU (3858 posts) -

I have all the trophies, and have completed the game. Now I have to complete the game on New Game Plus. And after that, I still have all those fucking challenge rooms to do. Which I'll probably never finish, just like the first game.

#45 Posted by Eversoranimus (126 posts) -

78% so far, Batman challenge rooms are done, now I'm doing Catwoman's then Robin and Nightwing. Once I'm done I'll move on to New Game Plus. (Hopefully with the Batman Beyond skin)

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I completed Batman all the way. 100%. Platinum bitches! :)

#47 Posted by handlas (2842 posts) -

60%...i want to wait to play the rest of it in Batman Beyond gear....just for a slight change. I wish they would just release that sh*t already.

#48 Posted by Deadmanforking (583 posts) -

Think im at 92%. I don't care about the Challenge rooms, done maybe around 20 or so. And have 100%'ed the story.

#49 Posted by Flaboere (343 posts) -

I just got done with Uncharted 3, and I don't know if I have the heart to go back to Batman... I'm at 68% I think, having done the story, and I'm at almost 400 Riddler riddles/trophies. I think I'll do all the side missions, and that's that, I'm really not interested in the challenge rooms, I can hardly get 10x combo if there's a gun guy, armorered or shield dude, not gonna beat myself up on those challenges.

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