How's the game if you don't know much about the Batman?

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I was just thinking that surely not everyone who plays Arkham City is going to be super familiar with Batman stuff. So I was just wondering if this game is still as enjoyable without getting the winks and nods to other elements of the Batman universe, or does it not matter cause its Batman?

Edit; I'm very familiar with Batman myself, I was just throwing out the question to anyone out there who wasn't

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Kind of doesn't matter. If you down right don't like Batman or the Batmanverse I doubt the game is going to change your mind, but I'm a casual fan (Nolan/Burton films, Arkham Asylum, a couple of the more popular comic runs) and I love it.

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I think an appreciation for Batman is required, but I don't think you have to be a super fan or anything. You're probably fine.

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Yeah it really doesn't matter. It only enhances the experience if your a fan and know all the characters.

Then again, if you want to make sense of why certain characters matter, you can always read their in-game bios for some insight.

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It doesn't matter, you will appreciate the gameplay, graphics and characters. It will probably even inspire you to get more involved in the Batman universe.

You should probably play the first game before Arkham City though, it's amazing.

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Yeah, each time a new chararacter comes up you get a full bio etc so its fine. I am a reasonable fan but I didn't know Clay Face, Solomon Grundy or the Mad Hatter and Ras Ghul but when they pop up in the story it's fine. It's a really great game, very satisfying to play and it's surprising how well they integrate the all the villans without it seeming overdone.

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If you like Cartoonish villains and punching things I have a feeling you'll be fine.

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I'll just say one thing here. My daughter doesn't care one wit about Batman or the Batman mythos in any way. But she played and loved Arkham Asylum and is planning to play Arkham City in the near future.

These games are like a distilled version of Batman, where they boil out all the continuity stuff you don't need to know and just let you have fun with the character. And if you ARE into the Batman stuff, all the side goodies are even better. Concept Art and Character profiles, the unlockable 3D models and seeing how Rocksteady reinvisioned some of the long time mainstays of the Batman lore, it's pretty fun stuff.

I'd liken it to the Animated Series version of Batman. It's not spot on with the 60 years of Batman continuity by any stretch, but it gets enough of it just right that anyone can enjoy it if they have a penchant for this kind of story and setting.

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You called him The Batman. You are ready.

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A love for superheroes is probably more important than a love for Batman. I had no real interest in Batman until Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Arkham Asylum - the latter being the strongest link because it gives you that feeling of being Batman from boots to cowl to fingertips.

Any fan of actiongames should play both games because they do almost everything right.

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it only enhances the experice if you have a better understanding of him but its not necessary. WB hopes there are people like you who would potentially buy more bat stuff to get aquaited after playing the game.

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When I played Asylum I didn't anything outside what is in the last 2 movies, but I learned a ton about the Batman universe and villains from Arkham Asylum because of the bios and tapes. So you don't need to know anything, but can learn a lot with a little searching.

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It's a good game whether or not you are familiar with Batman history or not, you probably won't pick up a few stuff from dialogue and all the neat cameo and name drops, but people can enjoy it still in my opinion.

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