PC icons with 360 controller plugged in.

#1 Posted by JpSlam (250 posts) -

Hey everyone, so i been playing batman with a 360 controller on pc but it still shows the pc icons. Its starting to bug me when it says press tab and i have to find out what tab is on the 360 controller. Any help? Thanks.

#2 Posted by SlasherMan (1723 posts) -

Did you look through the control options? There might be a setting there to switch icons.

#3 Posted by JpSlam (250 posts) -

I just looked and dont see anything. This doesnt make the game unplayable i just would like it to be 360 icons.

#4 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1397 posts) -

Might be a bug, cause I remember playing with the controller and it obviously switched the buttons. This should be submitted to the game's dev forums if you have the time.

#5 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (2007 posts) -

Hmm, maybe a stupid question, did you try to unplug and replug the controller while the game is running?

#6 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

its a bug after the next cutscene it comes back, at least in my experience and i think tab is the back button

#7 Posted by dodgyc (78 posts) -

Is your 360 controller marked as player 1? Other peripherals (including Mouse) can get the controller marked as P2.

#8 Posted by JpSlam (250 posts) -

i got it working now thanks everyone for the help :)

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