PC version verdict?

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There was some talk about how it wasn't any good at launch but I was wondering now if you guys think it is as good as the Arkham Asylum port? I assume there have been patches to fix many of the issues so I'm interested to see the verdict of the PC version.

What do you guys think?

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I turned off DX11 and it was amazing.

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DX 11 is still broken if you are on a 32-bit OS but otherwise it works fine, beat it a couple of weeks back. No real problems.

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I've played through it several times on PC and it's just fine. I did however play with my 360 gamepad and from what I understand the pc kb/m controls can sometimes be a little iffy but then so were asylums until you get use to them. In terms of performance as far as I know they fixed DX11 completely for people running 64bit Windows 7 (such as myself) and it runs perfect for me with only minor stuttering during loading. If you have the pc to run it on high it definitely is the best version.

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DX 11 looked amazing and worked fine and dandy after the patch. Steam has it on sale today btw!

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DX11 on, PhysX on Normal, everything else on Highest, 30-50 FPS.  
Not as smooth as Arkham Asylum, but the fact that I beat the game in 5 days speaks volumes about its quality both as software and as a game.

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DX11 was broken on launch but has since been fixed (though it's unfortunate that I had already finished most of the game by the time the patch came out). It still doesn't run quite as well as I would like it to, especially with PhysX enabled (even with SLI GTX 570s, I had to turn the resolution down to 1920x1080 for it to be smooth all the time with PhysX enabled, though with the advantage of being able to then play it on my TV) But even if you have to run the DX9 version, it still looks much better and runs much smoother than the console versions, even on mid-range systems (just turn off PhysX if you have an nvidia card.)

However, it should be noted that most of the frame rate issues are during the open world parts which, to be fair, are much grander in scope and much denser than any of the outdoor environments in Asylum.

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i played arkham asylum on my xbox and it was amazing. played arkham city on my pc and didn't play more then two hours before i quit. i kinda hated it. i have a pretty good pc setup, but the game kept stuttering even with the settings turned down to mid (i can play skyrim in "ultra high" with max AA and AF). i found the city and the character writing to be shit as hell also.

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I loved the PC version a lot more than the console version. The game looks amazing and if you have a controller, you're all set.

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i would have preferred a controller but the 60 fps and th dx 11 made it sssoooooo much better than the console verion

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A great port. DX11 isn't great but as a DX9 game it looks amazing and plays smoothly. Easily the best version.

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For all you old schoolers, it looks amazing in DX9. Beautiful, crisp, fast and I LOVE the precision of the mouse to turn sensitively to exact the guy I want to beat down in a challenge.

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on my i7/GTX570 its like butter. only just picked it up so missed the hoohaa at launch so no probs here

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@AlisterCat said:

A great port. DX11 isn't great but as a DX9 game it looks amazing and plays smoothly. Easily the best version.

The second patch has been released over Steam, GFWL, and Origin. Stuttering cutscenes and poor DX11 performance is FINALLY addressed, allegedly. It only took us close to four months!

I finished it in DX9 and it was indeed amazing.

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I just bought it on Steam to see how it looks with my new card and the gameplay chugs a bit with DX11(dunno what's up with that supposed patch).

I'm running 64bit Win7 and have a Geforce GT545 video card so i know it's not my system. Game still looks great though!

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It ran on 50-60fps everything maxed (No AA though : /) on an ATI 4600 so other than some annoying glitches I encountered it was a pretty solid PC game.

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I played on PC primarily with KB+M and then tried with a controller.

Flying was way easier because the camera controls are much better, and I think that busting out some of the moves and gadgets may be easier because of hot keys.

If you use a controller with your PC (shame on you) and your comfortable with that then I can easily recommend the PC version over the 360 version

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God damn spacebar-mashing button prompts are the worst on PC.

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