PS3 or 360?

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Hey duders,

so I never picked this up last year, there was too much on my plate (Skyrim) and too little monies (holiday season). Much to my pleasant surprise, there is now a GOTY edition and I intend to buy it. I have two questions, one, does anyone feel that it is better on a particular console? I don't have a PC capable of running it, but I do have both a 360 and PS3. I'm kind of leaning towards Xbox because it's almost brand new and has much more HD space, but if it is way better on PS3 then I will totally go that route and clear off some installs. Second, does anyone know if this is a limited time thing?

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I bought the PS3 GOTY edition this week for $30. Get whichever one you like watching movies on because the GOTY edition comes with a download for the Batman Year One movie download.

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They're like for like, although if you haven't got the twisty D-Pad controller for the 360 you may want to go for the PS3 version. Selecting gadgets with the regular 360 D-pad is annoying

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Don't think it matters. Whichever one is cheaper

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its basically the same thing so buy it on the console you want or what ever is cheaper.

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Cool, good to hear. Thanks for the opinions!

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