Quick question about buying the game.

#1 Posted by NTM (7484 posts) -

I'm just wondering if buying the game new, I'll still be able to get the Catwoman DLC. I never buy games used, but I'm just wondering if the Catwoman thing wasn't just for people who bought it around the first day it came out, and as long as I buy it new I'll get the Catwoman parts, or will I have to buy it separate now? Alright, thank you.

#2 Posted by TheWadeBrigade (54 posts) -

I'm pretty sure you still get it if you buy the game new, but even if you don't you won't miss much. The Catwoman parts of the game are terrible.

#3 Posted by NTM (7484 posts) -

@TheWadeBrigade: I heard it wasn't as good as the Batman sections, and that's what I expect, but I still want them.

#4 Posted by jjnen (661 posts) -

Catwoman DLC code should come if you buy the game new and if I remember correctly Gamestop is giving the code even if you buy it used from them.

#5 Posted by AgnosticJesus (544 posts) -

The Catwoman parts are not that great. The overall game is good but has no replay value. I beat in a few days and traded it in. I'd consider it a must play game but if you can rent it.

#6 Posted by kindgineer (2770 posts) -

I thought the Cat-woman segments were a great break from Batman, guess I'm the minority :P You still get the code, btw.

#7 Posted by ScoreSetter (77 posts) -

@ccampb89: I thought so too. But if they weren't there, I wouldn't miss them. The Batman parts just never got old for me :)

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