Restart New Game Plus?

#1 Posted by michaelsuen (108 posts) -

Any way I can restart this? Thanks.

#2 Posted by fetchfox (1528 posts) -

Why do you want to?

I think there is... what do play on?

#3 Posted by michaelsuen (108 posts) -

@fetchfox: So basically I'd like to restart "new game +" 'cos I want to play the whole game with the catwoman dlc as one whole story rather than play the catwoman bits on their own. I own the game on a 360.

#4 Posted by awesomeusername (4548 posts) -

@michaelsuen: The Catwoman story is barely there. It's like 3-4 little missions. Nothing noteworthy besides the end of the DLC which was cool I guess. But still. It's nothing important.

#5 Posted by mercutio123 (512 posts) -

The Catwoman DLC is really really irritating, It just got in the way for me, would of honestly liked it more if I hadn't played as her.

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