The beginning *Spoilers maybe*

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I just tried it yesterday at my friends place, played for a few hours. However, I'm confused about the beginning; if it's explained later in the game, I would rather not know, but if I simply misunderstood something (i have played Arkham Asylum), I'd like to know.

Spoiler contains the first 25 minutes of the game more or less.

Bruce Wayne is making a press-talk, and then simply get's kidnapped by the authorities, and put in the giant prison? And I don't understand, did this prison just show up all of the sudden, there are paramedics in there too, I'm thinking there's a hospital too then. Why would all the prisoners just be shut in with regular people?

Did I get it all wrong, is there an explanation later, or is it simply not explained?

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Theres a comic that goes deeper into what happened between the games, but as you progress further you'll start filling in the blanks yourself (i hope)

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I'm fairly certain that during the opening sequence, Vicki Vale references Arkham City as a sectioned-off part of Gotham that has been converted into a giant prison and that Bruce Wayne is protesting its existence. Also every prison has medical staff.

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As you finish riddles you'll unlock "Arkham City Stories", which are little vignettes that explain why things are the way they are. There's also story stuff interspersed that'll give you a pretty good idea of why things are the way they are.

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Well everyone seems to got you covered! The comicvine link is great if you didn't read the comics to introduce you in.

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