Weird bug? Or am I missing something?

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I've beaten the game and I'm slowly completing other tasks around the city. I'd just started working on the second set of AR training exercises when I went to the Northwestern one and noticed a puff of smoke on a rooftop near me. II hadn't seen anyone there, and thought maybe I'd missed them. I looked around and saw a tea set on a blanket. I jumped down, and the music turned creepy, and I lost my ability to do anything but walk around. No detective vision, no gadgets, no running, and no way to get off the rooftop. I looked around for awhile but didn't see anything to interact with. Am I "doing it wrong" or is this just a weird bug? Google leads me to think it's the latter...

#2 Posted by Scapegoat (131 posts) -

Did the Batwing drop anything for you?

#3 Posted by mandude (2667 posts) -

Didn't this game have gamebreaking DRM?

#4 Posted by Veektarius (4147 posts) -

@Scapegoat: I've beaten the game and got all the gadgets - doubt it.

@mandude: Does that even exist on a 360?

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I doubt it in that case. Sounds oddly suspicious though.

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My guess is that it tried to start a side mission of some short and some part of the instance broke.

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