What did you think about this game?

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I had just waken up, and this question sprung to mind aside from the song Rannoch I was humming from ME3. I picked C.

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sold it before i finished it.. it just didn't pull me in like asylum did.

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Absolutely loved it. It took Arkham Asylum and somehow made it better. I have to say that I am a feind for riddler trophies though so that had alot to do with it. Just recently played through Arkham Asylum and man that game is still just as amazing as it was when it first came out. Thinking of another Arkham City playthrough now. Oh and I picked B because of Dark Souls.

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Not as good as Asylum, but I enjoyed it.

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I will admit that it has great and even some superb quality to it, but overall I was just disappointed by it. I didn't think the city was as grand or greatly atmospheric as I would have hoped. I bought it a month ago and had played through it, then more than a half on hard, doing all the side stuff except for all the Riddler trophies, though I did watch what happens at the end of doing all of them, and it's not really worth it (,but that may not be the point?). I think I still enjoy the game play a bit, or at least I'm sure if I went back to Asylum I'd still enjoy it a lot, but I think that maybe since I have played Splinter Cell: Conviction, which has similar stealth game play, it may have over-shadowed the Arkham City experience just a little. I'd be in the minority, but that's just the way it is I think.

Then the story didn't excite me in any way, I felt like I knew what the outcome was eventually going to be and nothing the villains would do I knew could stop Batman, you can probably say that about most things, but it really stuck in my head for this one. The conclusion wasn't much either. Maybe it's because there wasn't vast enough improvements over Asylum that made me disappointed. I think one of the biggest things for me was just being disappointed in the city aspect of it, it was like a U shaped city and when you go to the streets there's not much to them, nor was there much to the top of buildings either, then once inside places, it seemed more like a hindrance to get around then it was entertaining, nor was there enough doodads to the environments that really stood out.

Many people would say the voice acting is amazing, but other than the Joker, I'd have to disagree, for instance, Penguin, I may have not noticed at first before this game came out that Nolan North was doing the voice, but when I did find out and notice it, and eventually play the game for myself, I felt like it was embarrassingly bad. I just kept imagining Nolan North at Rocksteady studios changing his voice slightly with an accent. It really brought me out of the experience, and the same goes for Two-Face. Then there was a part where Batman was holding Sharp over the building, Kevin Conroy just sounded lazy with his force as if he couldn't do any better. All these shortcomings really brought me out of the experience (like I had said), and I guess that's the biggest problem. I'd still be interested in a sequel to this, but this one (as of right now) didn't do it for me.

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I thought it was a step down from Arkham Asylum. Kept all of the bad things (mediocre combat segments that feel more like long QTEs than anything else, stealth that is way too easy, crummy boss fights) while adding some new ones (meaningless, cluttered open world that you practically fly across anyway instead of Asylum's focused environments, and a complete mess of a story: really, just one of the least enjoyable in all of video gaming).

The graphics were nice and I did like that feeling of "yeah I'm motherfuckin' Batman", but I sold it immediately after finishing it and if Rocksteady make another Batman game chances are I won't buy it.

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I found it to be extremely boring.

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Where's the 'I haven't played it yet but I plan on buying/renting it.' option? That's my answer.

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I'm not a Batman fan so these games don't really have anything for me. I found the gritty reboots of characters to be mostly pretty dumb, the city traversal annoying, and the combat really boring and simplistic. Pretty average overall, and definitely not the worst game I've played in a while, but nothing too special.

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I played it for about an hour and it was alright. I vastly preferred Arkham Asylum.

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i just bought the game a couple of weeks ago and I have to say that I loved Arkham City better than Asylum. My only complaints are that the main story was only what, four hours long? I put ten hours into the game before beating it and I feel like a lot of that time was just me wandering the streets beating up thugs to level up.

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That bug that randomly deletes your saved game puts it squarely in the D column for me.

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I thoroughly enjoyed Arkham City. I don't know if I would say it is better than Asylum, but it was a wonderful game nonetheless and one of my top 3 games from 2011.

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