Whats the Highest Hit-Combo you've gotten on hard?

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I'd say about 60 on one of the challenge rooms. 92 is damn good.

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I just finished it on hard(my first time actually) and my highest was 63. There's room for improvement though.

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yea doing it in that side mission makes it pretty easy it gives you a lot of xp 2

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Haven't played on hard but I got 196 on the Iceberg Lounge challenge/endurance room.

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196 is the highest i've heard of any chance you caught it on video?

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107 during the, uh... fight on the clock.

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I somehow managed to get around 140x in the GameStop preorder challenge room. I'm actually really happy I decided to go with that preorder - the banking mechanic is fun, and it gets really intense. The freaking Joker showed up that time to - or at least it looked exactly like him and he wouldn't be taken out. I'll be going back to it soon when I progress further in the story.

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Damn, thats hight. I think my highest so far is like 44 or so. And it's getting really hard, since the thug-groups are mixed up at this point with Riddler-informants, shield wielders, knife-guys and so on.

EDIT: And I just noticed you are playing on hard, I'm only on normal, now I feel really useless :-S

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Highest was with Catwoman on the Iceberg Lounge challenge map it was around the 120 mark, managed to break into the top 100 on the rankings for that map.

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I got x71 one time before buying the critical strike upgrade. Really wish I had it, that could have been something beautiful.

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Damn, I need to get better at batmanning people.

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broke my record now at 127 didn't have my capture card tho kind of pissed

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68 I think. I tend to use Instant Takedowns a lot to cut the number of enemies on screen. I like removing baddies as quick as possible.

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Man, even on normal it seems really hard. Groups of thugs now consists of normal, armed, armored, knife-wielders and shielded, i'm having trouble just reaching 20 combo. Batman seems to hit the wrong directions, or not counter fast enough. And i guess hitting a shield or "normal" hitting an armored thug kills the combo?

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Just got a 109 hit combo on normal with Catwoman (the challenge map with the one armed Joker thug)

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@Flaboere: if you you cape stun the armed guard or quick fire shock him he's much easier to deal with. Ice grenades work too just don't try to attack him head on and you'll be fine

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@sofacitysweetheart said:

Just got a 109 hit combo on normal with Catwoman (the challenge map with the one armed Joker thug)

damn my highest with catwoman was like 40 her lack of gadgets makes it hard for me to use her

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60 and I was sweating bullets when I got to that point. Got ended because some ass threw a box at my back so I couldn't see....

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@Patman99: thats why i really like the mad hatter spot ffor high combos. the enemies have now weapons no objects or anything makes it much less of a hassle

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@thered: You don't really need the gadgets considering her speed is so crazy.

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