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The bad thing about being the first mover in the game of the year conversation is that this masterpiece maybe forgotten in the fodder that is the renaissance of releases for Q4 2011. A game I spent a mere weekend with, needs to be praised for turning an essentially formulaic iterative sequel into an instant classic. You feel like Batman. Moving aroud the city is easy. The combat is simple but satisfying. The villains are varied without overkill. The story is classic but compellingly fresh. Not enough good can be said about this game. If DLC is substantive I will go back.

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    I have a lot of mixed emotions with Arkham City..... in one hand I loved the game where in the other I felt slighted. I want to give a fair review to a game I truly enjoyed but maybe my expectations were too high. The game built upon a great, surprising game, Arkham Asylum, that came out a few years ago which had minor issues but didn't take away from the experience at all. With that said, Arkham City is the same way. Minor issues here and there that I have with the side missions being to short,...

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