rpgobjects's Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360) review

Very good sequel

Arkham Asylum was my game of the year when it was released. I got it on a whim just because I always liked batman, and it was the best comic based video game made to date, period.

I was excited for the sequel, but when I started playing the game, I felt the permise was a bit ridiculous even for a comic book. The idea that gotham would just annex part of their city and let the super villans run wild is hard to shallow. But I have to admit, as the story played out, I begin to enjoy it more and more. There were some nice twists and turns, and when everything was finally revealed, it made more sense and was easier to accept.

Gameplay is as good as the original with some additional improvements. Even if it's not a ton different, it's still the most satisfying melee combat system I've played. I've also played all but the last assissans creeds, which is also fun combat, this batman is better IMHO.

I finished the main story plus all the side missions. I even found 400+ riddler items to finish his mission. All were worth the time and effort.

I received the cat woman bonus. She is very frustrating to navigate the city with, but her story was done well enough. I wish I had the other characters to play. They way the handle that is lame.


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