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Batman fan? BUY THIS! Ain't? BUY IT ANYWAYS.

The thing about Arkham City isn't so much the gameplay. Its honestly great, intuitive and adds upon an already great system set up before, the FreeFlow combat system works amazingly, and the addition of double takedowns and the increased amount of gadgets is a godsend, but where it truly shines is the story. What starts out rather overblown and impersonal, slowly starts intertwining with the paths of the characters hooking you in for the process, tying Batman as a character into Arkham City seamlessly. You get a personal look at Batman and Catwoman, hell, even the villains, once again! But man! As the story continues, you'll feel shivers as it comes to a conclusion, packing a wallop of a payoff leaving any gamer emotional, and any Batman fan likely in tears.

The addition of sidequests is a nice addition, adding somewhat to the playablility of the game, but to be honest, they aren't much fun, and they're too short. I was expecting more from them, and they weren't all that interesting, except for one or two. What is more of a hook on the other hand, are the Riddler Challenges, which continue to be a lot of fun, and simply experimenting with the amount of ways you can mess with an enemy's head is a little personal challenge of my own, which helps to really feel like Batman.

Overall the game's structure is great, and I found it to be immersive as ever, at least in combat. It is truly a game that'll leave you coming for more, and likely never let you leave in the first place.


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