glockstararmani's Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360) review

We Built This City on Rock N' Roll

Glockstar Armani presents this game with 2 *GLOCKIE* awards for:



This is awesome-sauce. This is what it must feel like to be Batman, James Bond, and Jason Voorhees, all at once. The large map, the INSANE amount of villains, and all of the other goodies crammed in here make this game more tightly packed than the luggage compartments in coach during a discount flight (hey, these run-on sentences can't ALL be winners). Also, screw the Joker; the RIDDLER is the true mega-villain behind this fantastic series. Mr. Nygma, you stumped me on more than one occasion, sir. I hope your part only gets even bigger in the sequel.

Speaking of the sequel: Batman: Arkham Nightmare. All of Gotham City is open to explore. The Riddler challenges are tripled. That's the kind of world I wanna live in. Make her happen, Rocksteady.


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