Does the sound cut out occasionally for anyone else?

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In the middle of a mission, occasionally most of the in game sound cuts out. What's strange is that stuff like the main menu and the door opening sound still work, but everything else is silent. The only thing that fixes it is complete restart of the game client. Has anyone else run into this issue?

EDIT: I'm playing the PC version.

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This happened to me during the first boss fight. But once I stopped and started the game I haven't noticed it near as much but it did happen once real bad tho.

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Did you check the volume settings? It might be a bug, when I first launched the game after installation there was no sound at all during gameplay even though the sound was playing fine during the intro videos and in the menu. Turns out all the sound settings (music, effects, etc.) were all the way down for some reason. Never ran into any issue after I set them properly though.

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Its happened to me a bunch through the game.Mostly when opening doors and when it quickly switches to a cutscene.

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I'm on PC and no.

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Happened to me during once particular section, and hasn't done it again since. Also on the PC version.

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I'm playing the PS3 version and I'm having a lot of audio playing out of sync but I think it may be due to the framerate tanking pretty badly in certain spots.

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I'm on PC and also no.

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Glitchy animations? Yes. Broken geometry, including a vent that doesn't work? Yes. Invisible Batman? Yes (not as cool as it sounds). Sound cutting out? No. Never had that problem in my...15 hours with the game.

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yup, and I just restarted the game. I'm on PC

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Not so far, on PC.

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Yep, I'm having various amounts of sound cutting out - the only one that is completely consistent, though, is dialogue. I had dialogue for the first 15 minutes, and then pow, gone.

This game is hella buggy.

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The fun cut's out quite a bit, does anyone have a problem with this?

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The everything cuts out on me frequently. I've had more hard freezes with this game than any other I can remember

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I had the music cut out after a long session (PS3), I'm wondering if it's connected to playing the downloadable version or not though. Might just be me being paraniod about it after GTA 5, but considering the machine weren't meant to play games fully from the HD it wouldn't be that surprising. Have had a fair amount of loading times when flying around the city (which seems like something that would've been a high priority to polish out), and one part of it always has crappy framerate. Although it's probably just the game being shoddy.

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I'm on PC and i have only had it happen to me once so far. It was right at the start when you get dropped in to de-activate the first tower.

The only other audio issue i have is every time the game starts on all the logo splash screens the sound is choppy as hell.

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Not had any sound issues in the game, although a separate irritating design choice is for the game to kick you out of single player to the title screen whenever you lose an internet connection.. On PC at least. So irritating and unnecessary!

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Yes, and it also seems like the bass channel is missing when sound is set to 'Home Theatre'. In fact there is so little low-end noise that I loaded up a different game to check it wasn't my surround system playing tricks.

Also had one spectacular crash in the cut scene after the first boss that necessitated turning the Xbox off at the wall.

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I've had it happen repeatedly during the Batwing cutscene of a fast travel, but only once during a mission, and it was somewhere in Penguin's boat. I was able to relaunch the game and get the audio to play for the boat though.

I've yet to test thoroughly to see whether the audio drop out for the Batwing in fast travel cutscenes is random or just one or two specific fast travel spots. Most of the time I get audio from the Batwing in those scenes.

Come to think of it though, I DID have a problem with most of Gordon's escaped prisoner side missions regarding audio dropouts. Most of the time Batman's radio message to Gordon after apprehending them was cut off quickly. Whether that's an actual tech problem with the audio not playing, or dialog that never got completed, is hard to say.

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@cbk486: I found that updating my Realtek drivers completely solved the issue. I used the drivers from this link:

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I was having the same issues. I turned off Dolby surround sound and the other fancy sound settings in the Windows Control Panel / audio. It worked for me.

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