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Batman Forever is a Pinball machine developed and manufactured by Sega in 1995. Batman Forever is a licensed Pinball machine based on the movie of the same name.

Game Modes

There are seven game modes in Batman Forever and are called Gotham Scenes.

  • Rooftop Chase - In Rooftop Chase the goal is to steer the Batmobile around various obstacles and collect points. This mode is played using the video screen. The game will award 100 million points if the mode is completed.
  • Face Two-Face - The player must hit Two-Face targets are are lit up a total of two times each.
  • Crime Spree - The player hits the correct spots to build up a jackpot. The jackpot can then be claimed by shooting the ball into the right side ramp. The jackpot can be built up and collected any number of times during the time limit.
  • ??? - ??? is a timed mode in which the player hits the various question mark targets and receives points for them.
  • Safe Trap - The player must hit all four of the ramps to collect the point bonus.
  • Light Extra Ball - Lights the Extra Ball so that the player can collect it.
  • Brain Drain - The player must light up the word C-A-V-E in order. 

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