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Final Fight + Tim Burton's Batman = Win 0

 Movie-tie ins aren't always as good as Batman Returns, the game that you're currently reading the review of. And we should expect no better from Konami, the geniuses behind such great Super Nintendo games like Super Castlevania IV and Contra 3. Tim Burton's image of the caped crusader is depicted wonderfully in this game, right down to the core. The gritty nature of the film is captured by the graphics and sound of the film which are solid to say the least. As for Batman himself, boy, he...

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One of the Best Lynx games 0

Batman Returns was based on the movie of the same name.  The game was released on 10 separate platforms, including the Atari Lynx.  The Atari Lynx version was released in October 1992, and was developed and published by Atari.  The game is a side-scrolling Beat ‘em up in which Batman progresses through Gotham’s streets fighting members of the Red Triangle Gang, and eventually bosses such as The Penguin.  The Atari Lynx version of Batman Returns is generally regarded as one of the best games rele...

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The caped Crusader, back in the days 0

Nowadays, with the caped crusader being back en vogue again, thanks to Christopher Nolan and his masterful resurrection of the franchise, some people forget that Batman had already a small era of "prime" back in the 90ies. Tim Burton's depiction of the superhero in Batman Returns did well with the fans, for the first time acknowledging Batman's broody and gloomy nature as part of the whole concept.   The SNES game Batman returns, based on the film, is a brilliant Beat 'Em up and maybe on of the ...

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March of the Penguin 0

Don't be fooled by the low-rating up above. I think this game was actually pretty damn enjoyable. A side-scrolling beat-em-up is an excellent choice for a Batman game, at least for what they had to work with back then. The characters look nice and vibrant. I only wish they hadn't made the difficulty level so high. By the end of just the first level, I feel like I've been violated by numerous large convicts. I've never even SEEN Catwoman or Penguin in here yet. We need more beat-em-ups these days...

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