Gamecube vs. PS2

#1 Posted by hastapura (26 posts) -

So if I were to purchase this game, would I be better served on GC or PS2? Just, you know...if. Are there any real differences?

Really just want to play as Batgirl.

#2 Posted by VierasTalo (1080 posts) -

Cool Suspiria-avatar.

Have nothing on the topic though, although I never thought I'd see someone ask whether a PS2 or a GC-version of a mediocre Batman-game is the better one.

#3 Posted by snakeitachi (203 posts) -

I have it on Game cube and it's great fun espically if you play co op and it run's great, I don't know about the differences between the PS2and GC version sorry.

#4 Posted by huntad (2078 posts) -

You mean as far as graphics go? The gamecube version probably looks a little less muddy. The games themselves are identical in terms of content though.

#5 Posted by RubberFactory (306 posts) -

I'd say go with the gamecube, it has better tesselation and softer shadows. The PS2 on the other hand mantains a steady 60 fps with V-sync and has superior cleaner skin textures.

#6 Posted by hastapura (26 posts) -

Thank you! And I know the game's middling but I got a GC for Christmas and I'm trying to find stuff to play on it. My twelve-year old self would be so jealous of this score.

Thanks everyone - the final verdict is Gamecube! You may all breathe easy now.

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