Warner Bros. Prepping Downloadable, First-Person, Multiplayer...Batman Game? [UPDATED]

#101 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7595 posts) -

Part of me wants to be interested in this and not just join in with the naysayers, instantly dismissing the idea..  But it does very much sound like they're just abusing the franchise.  Take a popular series like Batman and mix it with a very popular game genre, regardless of whether or not it fits or even just basically works on any level.

Maybe the developers are actually really passionate about it.. but I can't see this as anything but corporate whoring.
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Insane costumes!

#103 Posted by MisterMouse (3598 posts) -

cant wait to see some game footage!

#104 Posted by imayellowfellow (629 posts) -


#105 Posted by Luck3ySe7en (245 posts) -

If the focus is around imitation batman/joker gadgets, bombs, antics etc. then count me in. 

#106 Posted by cp3rockon (30 posts) -

Is there really room for this?

#107 Posted by Andorski (5452 posts) -

There is regular ass batman, russian martian batman, and green lantern batman.  Who is the fourth batman?

#108 Posted by craigbo180 (1763 posts) -

Fake Batman is better than no Batman at all.

#109 Posted by jillsandwich (804 posts) -


#110 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8553 posts) -

Sounds like an interesting concept.

#111 Posted by NakAttack (1329 posts) -
@Andorski: Barista batman.
#112 Posted by SkinnyBlue (331 posts) -


#113 Posted by ThePantheon (804 posts) -


#114 Posted by lasjardinos (7 posts) -

wait wait. Did DC just make the "Batman Batman Batman" game? LOL

#115 Edited by Jack_Lafayette (3771 posts) -

Good luck, have ridiculous premise.

#116 Posted by Portis (1293 posts) -
@JoeyRavn said:
Insane costumes!

Metal nipples!
#117 Posted by BoringK (314 posts) -

Guys! It's game where you don't get to play as Batman!

God this sounds stupid

#118 Posted by Eyz (469 posts) -

Alright..sounds pretty random.
Like they were actually making another unrelated game, but forced it around Batman suddenly.
(seriously an army of gun wielding Bat-men or "Jokerz"??)

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#120 Posted by Xshinobi (452 posts) -

I have a giant boner for anything Monolith makes.

#121 Posted by dropabombonit (1541 posts) -

Don't like the sound of this

#122 Posted by Kandycane2029 (517 posts) -

So... Do you at least get to play as Regular-Ass Batman?

#123 Posted by hollitz (1946 posts) -

Missed April Fool's Day by about 6 weeks.  Better luck next year.
#124 Posted by SHADOWINFINITE (619 posts) -

This is cool

#125 Posted by JEC03 (922 posts) -

I see WB has brought out the milking truck.

#126 Posted by flufflogic (321 posts) -

Well, he has an army in Dark Knight Returns, so...

#127 Posted by Volkodlak (125 posts) -

Hmm, seems like a massive stretch to have this Batman licensed but Monolith do typically do good work.

#128 Posted by Sprizmo (381 posts) -

I don't know about this. There are plenty of things to do with the real Batman, I don't understand why we have to unleash an army of wannabes. Kinda diminishes his exclusive nature, doesn't it?

#129 Posted by MforMaverick (130 posts) -

Craziness I tell you!

#130 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -
@vacancy said:
now a reality!
#131 Posted by audiosnag (1604 posts) -


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Well shit if they can pull it off why the hell not?

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