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Battlion Wars 2

Battalion Wars 2 is a great game, but it's...well... just missing some things.

First off, I'd just like to say that this game has some awesome cutscenes. Great dialogue (expect for the part when Admiral A-Qira is killed and he screams "TREACHERYYYYYYYYYYY!", I thought that part was a little too melodramatic.) The characters are all okay, expect for Marshall Nova's daddy, who comes back from the dead to piss me off.

The plot is kinda of a hybrid between World War I and II. The messed up alliances and the nuke-erm, uh.... I mean "Staff of Qa-Len". Anyway, the Campaign is superb, but it ends too abruptly. I expected some sort of D-day like invasion for the final battle, but all you do it beat up a stupid giant drill-spider. The levels are well made, the controls are perfect, and the stratergy is okay (but somewhat missing). The only flaws I see with the Campaign is the fact that it seems more like one gigantic tutorial.

The online okay, but too short too, maybe a few extra options would help it make it more interesting.

What I would have really enjoyed for this game would be a Battlefield mode. One that doesn't have the "Commanders" screaming in my ear, telling me what to do. Smarter AI would also help, and the fact that everyone in the game seems to be a total moron (expect the player, and the commanders) doesn't make the experience any better.

But what I found very funny in this game is the fact that everyone takes death, misery and war VERY lightly. It's probably on purpose, because it's funny as he//!!!

So in general, I'd say this game is great to play, but then sell it. It won't be the kind of game you'll feel like playing after you're done.


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