ishoturface's Battalion Wars (GameCube) review

A Great shooter for the gamecube

when i got this game at christmas it was the only thing i played for the next week. anyway on to the game the game is supposed to be a souped up version of advanced wars but instead it got turned into a 3rd person shooter which im a big fan of. the gameplay is like any other 3rd person shooter what i mean by that is that you have to hold down the l-shoulder button to lock on to an enemy. but the other controls are very different such as using the A button to fire your weapon the B button to jump the c-stick to cycle through your troops. the gameplay is fun and can be pretty hard at times. like once i did not play this game for an entire month because of how pissed i was at the level i was on. the troops have are also pretty cool such as riflemen,flamethrower,bazooka.missle vets,assault,and grenade launchers. the vehicles are also pretty cool like the light tank, heavy tank,battlestation, light recon, heavy recon,gunships(helicopters), bombers, fighter jets, and the best aircraft the strato destroyer with bombs and missles this aircraft you only get it on 1 or 2 missions. the fact that there is no multiplayer makes this game kinda diapointing without multiplayer. this game would have much more replay ability than it already has. to be honest i havent beaten the game but im on the last mission so hopefuly i beat it soon.if you have a gc and like 3rd person shooters get it.

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