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This installment of the series dropped the "Battle Arena" portion of the game name, as well as many of the characters from previous installments of the series. The game also included a basic team-based system, with teams being made up of 3 characters. Additionally, the move system of prior installments (where characters could break out a super move or "Desperation Move" when their life bar was reduced to 10% of it's maximum) has been replaced with a 3-tiered super-gauge, with the player being able to pull off a standard special attack which uses up one segment of the gauge, or a super attack which can be only used when full, and uses up the entire gauge.

Unlike the previous 3 installments of the series, the fourth installment of did not receive a US release, with Europe getting the only international release. This is possibly due to SCEA's policy regarding ports of games from other regions.

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