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The story takes place in Randa - a peaceful and rich capitalist nation. The country was so rich the People got bored over the years and someone suggests that the developed planes should compete in an 'Air Fighters' show.
This Event was called Bakraid.
This Bakraid was very successful and many shows follewd over the years. But Month before the 7th Annual Air Fighters show, a nation called Dameb, declares war on Randa. Dameb plans to invade Randa as a participator in the upcoming Bakraid.
Randa sends it's best 9 Pilots to the show to battle against Dameb and win the Bakraid.     


TMP68HC000N-16 (68000, 64 pin DIP)
L7A0498 GP9001 TOA PLAN 9335 
Z84C0006PEC (Z80, 40 pin DIP), YMZ280B-F (64 pin PQFP, 8 Channel PCM/ADPCM Decoder), Yamaha YAC516-E (24 pin SSOP, Audio Digital to Analog Converter)
Sony CXK5863BP x 3, Panasonic MN414260SJ x 2, NKK N341256SJ x 6

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