Daathbringers 100%, PAL version of the game

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Asking this in the tiniest hope someone, anyone will stumble upon this post, I have done the 3 gatchi and the alternate path  3 or 4 times but I cant move beyond 82% what am I doing wrong or needing to do, I am unsure if I have to die against a certain character or anything because I can't find anythign explaining about  how to do the the dying against certain characters thing. and I'm unsure If thats even teh case in teh pal version of the game as its missing most of the sub missions from the US/Japanese versions anyways...

aghhhhhh somebody help!!!

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@marioncobretti: Here is the x360a Deathbringer 100% guide and here is the x360a achievement guide.  You may have to use both of them.  The Deathbringer guide is kinda messy but, the achievement guide should help you.  I just go this game in the mail today and so far it is fun.  I just wish the online wasn't dead.
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thanks... I kinda figured it though  .... and despite looking  EVERYWHERE for a full guide....  even x360a I couldn't find an answer at all.

yeah It turned out that I had to die against every character in the alternate path, something thats completely absent from all other characters in the PAL version. It's such a shame this game kind of got lost I enjoy it very much.... marco  in his chicken outfit is pretty damn awesome.

Did you end up getting the game after your post?
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@marioncobretti: Yeah, I have the game now.  I just wish more people played online.  :-(

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